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There are many weight loss products that claim to be the best at helping people to shed fat and extra pounds. Every product seemingly has a different way of going about it, from appetite suppressants to thermogenics to colon cleansers, all are different approaches. Chitomax is one of the products that aims to keep fat from being absorbed into the body. It should be noted that this method can have its drawbacks – if fat isn’t absorbed into the bloodstream, it’s very possible that some other nutrients won’t be either. This can cause malnutrition. We feel that the best approach to weight loss is through proper diet and exercise, as well as a good thermogenic supplement. However, it’s possible that Chitomax may have some benefit depending on its formula and ingredients.

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  • Chitomax has no preservatives or any other ingredients that might detract from its positive effects.
  • Chitosan, the main ingredient, has the side benefit of possibly lowering cholesterol.
  • It can potentially keep fat from being absorbed into the bloodstream and instead causes it to exit through urine or bowels.


  • The website has no user testimonials up for review.
  • There is no ingredient to help suppress the appetite and thus the likelihood of giving in to craving certain foods – therefore making a diet unlikely to have staying power.
  • Anyone with an allergy to shellfish or seafood cannot use this product.
  • The website lacks several bits of information, and at the time of this review was not available translated into English. It was necessary to view the text through a translator.


We feel that the most effective weight loss products are those that address more than one aspect of the problem. Simply keeping fat from entering the body isn’t good enough, and can be dangerous, leading to malnutrition. It’s also necessary to suppress the appetite and increase the body’s metabolism to make weight loss easier. Also, a varied diet could help. We would also like to have seen more information on the website.

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