Chitosan Fat Barrier Review

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Chitosan Fat Barrier is a product that’s used to help the body to absorb less fat into the bloodstream. This is a weight loss product, intended to keep the calorie intake slightly lower with the lessened absorption of fat. There are many similar products on the market that claim to do the same things, and we feel it necessary to review them to see which ones are workable and which are just scams. Many products tend to have only a few good ingredients that only halfway work as they should, but there are others which are genuinely effective. Chitosan Fat Barrier was created by Mega Pro Sports Nutrition, and it uses Chitosan as its main ingredient. Chitosan has some slight weight loss benefit, but doesn’t seem to have undergone any real testing to see how it can be improved.


This product has Chitosan, which is an extract from jellyfish supposedly able to keep the fat in food from absorbing into the bloodstream, and Vitamin C as ingredients. It turns out that Chitosan has very little power on its own to absorb fat. It takes about 30 calories per mal, but if processed it can absorb up to five times its own weight. This makes Chitosan a much more viable supplement when it’s processed. Also, it’s possible that Chitosan can lower cholesterol.

Product Features

Chitosan Fat Barrier was, at the time of this review, sold for $19.95 for a bottle of 120 pills. These pills are to be taken twice a day, two before lunch and two more before dinner. Also it’s required to drink plenty of water, given their fiber content.

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  • Chitosan Fat Barrier has some natural fiber as ingredients, making it a very nutritious supplement to take to clean out the bowels.
  • Some research has shown that the product has the ability to lower bad cholesterol.
  • It also could contribute somewhat to weight loss, and there are no harmful ingredients.


  • Chitosan has little benefit to blocking fat from the bloodstream unless it’s properly processed. As it is it can only take about 30 calories.
  • There are few customer testimonials about this product
  • The official website doesn’t list the dosage for the medicine – we found it elsewhere. It’s always a good idea for the company to list this type of information in as accessible a place as possible.
  • There isn’t any refund policy should a customer be unsatisfied.


Chitosan Fat Barrier would have some good potential, but there is a lack of good ingredients to make its effects have staying power. Also, there is a lack of necessary information on the website. Customers prefer to be able to find out as much as they need with as little research as possible.

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