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Chitosan is supposed to help bind fat cells that come from food allowing it to pass through the digestive system without being absorbed into the bloodstream. Online you will encounter a number of “over-the-counter” diet drugs and supplements that contain the key ingredient Chitosan. This substance is actually derived from shellfish, such as lobster, shrimp, and crabs. The shells from these creatures are ground down into a powder and then the Chitosan is extracted. When someone takes an oral supplement that contains Chitosan, fats, carbohydrates, and sugars are binded in the stomach which allows them to be expelled from the user’s body without being stored. In other words, this substance works in a similar fashion to fiber, which absorbs water. Chitosan is all-natural and may additionally assist some users with healthy digestion.

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A healthy meal plan and regular exercise will dependon the Chitosan-based supplement you choose. Not all weight loss products incorporate healthy eating and fitness regimens. Naturally those who’re allergic to shellfish will unlikely be able to take supplements containing Chitosan. Some websites say that this substance can hinder the absorption of vitamins and nutrients in the body.

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  • Chitosan is an all-natural ingredient that comes from shellfish.
  • This substance may assist some dieters with weight reduction or fat loss by not allowing fats to be absorbed into the digestive tract.
  • Many fat loss products containing Chitosan as an active ingredient are available online without a prescription needed.


  • Individuals that suffer with allergies to shellfish should not take Chitosan-based supplements.
  • There is no definitive clinical research to support the claims made about Chitosan.
  • Some websites disclose that Chitosan may prevent vitamins and minerals from being absorbed into the user’s body.


Chitosan is merely one of the many key ingredients found in today’s diet pill arena. While it’s always nice to see an active ingredient that’s all-natural there’s really no definitive evidence proving Chitosan to be effective when it comes to weight reduction. Naturally it’s wise to consult your doctor about diet pills and weight loss capsules that contain Chitosan before taking anything.

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  • 1
    f. milo

    can i also take garcenia cambogia with chitosan?


  • 2

    I need information on the solubility and resistance in the intestinal tract of poultry chitosan with pH=4


  • 3
    Dr. Petrenko

    Chitosan is found in many products. For example, in “Kg-off – Fat Absorber”


  • 4
    hassan saad

    i need to ask about the price for one kgs of chitosan


  • 5

    Does Chitosan affect those who have sugar disease, high blood pressure , colon issues?


  • 6

    production of chitosan from antifungi


  • 7

    its ok to use it with other diet products like green tea,appile acid vinger and annanas tab?