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Weight loss products come in many different varieties, from appetite suppressants to thermogenics to fat blockers. However, the best way to ensure weight loss is through proper diet and exercise. This can prove to be much more difficult for some people than others due to lifestyle choices, so it’s sometimes best to have a good dietary supplement to aid. ChitoSense is a supplement that acts to block fat from being absorbed into the bloodstream. Fat and carbohydrates have the most calories per gram, so they are responsible for the most weight gain. The product supposed is able to bind itself to the bad kind of fats and thus pass from the body. However, even if this works, it’s just a cosmetic treatment unless there is a dietary change to go with it. Otherwise it’s simply a temporary thing. We’ll review ChitoSense to see how well it could potentially work as a weight loss aid.


Chitosan, a substance found in shellfish and jellyfish, is the only active ingredient in this product. Chitosan is said to be able to attract fat to it and stop the body from absorbing it as fat and extra weight. However, this can prove dangerous if overdone. If one type of nutrient is blocked from getting into the body then it’s possible that others will as well. Even so, the body needs fat. The best way to cut down on fat intake is to eat healthily and exercise regularly. Chitosan has very limited abilities if it isn’t processed properly. However, if it is it can absorb nearly five times its own weight in fat. This leads to more weight loss. Unfortunately, as far as this product goes Chitosan is the only ingredient, so there isn’t anything to combine it with. It’s important to have a varied approach to weight loss.

Product Features

A bottle of 180 capsules can be purchased from the company website for $21.95. If you aren’t satisfied there’s a full money-back guarantee in place, as long as the refund is done within 30 days of the initial purchase and the product is unopened.

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  • This product is all-natural, and possibly has benefits to lowering cholesterol.
  • There are no negative side effects, at least none that are document.
  • ChitoSense may be able to block some fat from being absorbed into the bloodstream.


  • The money-back guarantee only extends to unused products, which makes it hard for people to be able to test a product without committing to it.
  • The possibility of blocking nutrients is dangerous if overdone. Fat is necessary to the human body.
  • There is no appetite suppressant or thermogenic supplement to address other issues of weight loss.


Because weight loss and dieting is such a complex field it’s necessary to look at it from multiple angles. Simply addressing one part of the issue isn’t enough.ChitoSense only tries to address the issue of what nutrients go into the body without making that solution have any real staying power with increased metabolism or appetite suppressant.

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