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Editor's Review: 2.5 / 5.0

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ChitoSlimax is a weight loss product created by Vitarite, and claims to be composed of entirely natural ingredients. One of the main things it’s said to be able to do is help stop fat from being absorbed into the bloodstream. This is an approach that some other products take, but we feel that it could be potentially dangerous. Also, ChitoSlimax makes the promise of being able to burn fat more easily. We are unsure just how it’s supposed to achieve this effect. We found some information but there really isn’t anything that leads us to believe ChitoSlimax is as capable as claimed. However, we’ll review it just to be sure. To do this, we have to look at the ingredients and see whether there are any customer reviews that favor this product.

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  • There is a full listing of ingredients on the product website, which makes it so that customers can easily find information.
  • There are no artificial preservatives or other compounds used in ChitoSlimax.


  • No money back guarantee is offered for this product, which makes buying it a gamble. It costs $20 for a bottle of 60 pills.
  • Customer testimonials can’t be found – we would like to see testimonials to determine how good this product really is.
  • Caffeine is included, which acts as a diuretic. Diuretics aren’t reliable or safe methods of weight loss.


We feel that it would be wiser to look for a formula for weight loss that doesn’t rely on caffeine. It’s good that there are appetite suppressants and thermogenics included as ingredients, but weight loss itself needs to be done in a healthy manner that doesn’t involve purging the body and losing weight unhealthily quickly.

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