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Chitosol is a self-professed fat-blocking supplement, first advertised through national infomercials in 2001. It derives its name from Chitosan, a popular ingredient used in many weight loss supplements. Although the official site is no longer available, Chitosol is sold through the manufacturer’s site, claiming to block fat and eliminate fatty tissue without modifying your diet. Chitosol specifically claims it eliminates up to 28 grams of actual fat when taken, which originally caught the interest of numerous viewers in 2001. Although the infomercial and its official website are currently defunct, people are still clearly interested in Chitosol and its supposed fat-blocking power.

Chitosol, unlike other weight loss supplements, is meant to be taken 5 minutes before your meal. They claim this allows their proprietary blend to activate and bind around fat molecules, eliminating them before they enter the digestive tract. They do not specify how much weight loss should be expected, but they do claim people will feel more energetic once weight is eliminated. Chitosol is currently available through its online manufacturer, Gold Shield USA, for $34.60 per 120ct bottle. They offer a full refund within 90 days if you are not satisfied with the product.


Vitamin C, Chitosan, Phaseolamin, Green Tea Leaf Extract, American Ginseng Root Extract, Gelatin, Cellulose, Stearic Acid, Magnesium Stearate, Silica.

Product Features

Chitosol’s main emphasis is on Chitosan, which is used extensively in their propriety blend. Chitosan is an extract from the exoskeletons of crustaceans. Many diet experts believe Chitosan is an effective fat blocker, although many scientists dispute this claim. One scientific study showed that Chitosan only blocks about 10 fat calories per day. There are no studies itself on the effectiveness of Chitosol as a whole that we could find.

Chitosol also uses Green Tea Leaf Extract, a popular weight loss ingredient. Green Tea is scientifically proven to increase metabolism, which aids in effective, long-term weight loss. Although Chitosol never specifies how much weight loss is expected, they do emphasize a dramatic cut in fat absorption. There are no studies backing this up, but this approach is quite innovative if effective.

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  • Chitosol uses Green Tea Leaf Extract, an effective weight loss aid.
  • Supposedly, tou do not need to diet while taking this product.
  • It is only taken right before a meal, which is convenient to remember.
  • Chitosol offers a 90-day money-back guarantee on all bottles.


  • There are no studies backing up Chitosan’s (or Chitosol’s) effectiveness that we could find.
  • Chitosol’s official site is unavailable, and their manufacturer’s site provides little information.
  • Chitosol is not safe for people with shellfish allergies.
  • Most testimonials online do not support Chitosol’s claims.
  • There does not seem to be a free trial of Chitosol offered for new users.


Although Chitosol’s main ingredient might not be as effective as better researched ingredients on the market, this product also heavily uses a couple of ingredients that are proven to facilitate weight loss. Dieters should proceed with caution, however, as the manufacturers of this product don’t advise a healthy diet and exercise program to go with their supplement. Diet and exercise are the founding blocks of any healthy diet plan, especially if you’re looking for long-term results.

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5 User Reviews about Chitosol

  • 1
    Maria Kratz

    I used this product in 1998. I lost 134 pounds and was able to keep the majority of the weight off. I did an infomercial for this product. I think it is an EXCELLANT tool to aid in the weight loss journey. You still have to use will power and determination, it is not an appetite suppressant or stimulant. I highly recommend this product!


  • 2

    I was overweight as a kid all the way through 11th grade. I started taiking chitosol the summer going into my senior year, being in high school i wasnt reall conscious of diet and lie my friends ate alot of fast food and junk food. Without changing my diet by the beginning of my senior year in 2000 i was down a good 25 to 30 lbs using chitosol and moderate exercise, and no major change in diet. I did not suffer from any dangerous side effects and actually had good changes in my cholestrol, body fat and bmi


  • 3
    barb meyer

    I have about 200 tablets that expired 02/02 … might still be effective or pretty much useless?




    I’m like you. I have 500+ tablets left over from about…2006 +-. I’m thinking about going ahead and using them myself. Of course, I found out a few months ago; some medications can get stronger after its’ effective time period is over. In this case I feel it will be effective, some effective or not at all effective. This is founded by my persaonal feelings and NOT on literal fact. So you can’t sue me! Have a nice day.


  • 4
    dino payer

    i can’t find anywhere to buy chitsol
    where can i still buy it?