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Chizeled is a product that is used to help keep fat from being absorbed into the body by pulling insulin away from it. Then nutrients are pulled away from fat cells into the bloodstream, causing fat to be burned away. The product is applied in the form of a cream on the skin, but we feel that this method isn’t the most effective at getting medicines into the body. It’s claimed that the cream is to be applied at the problem areas on the body, however we still believe it’s a less than effective approach. The product also claims to have an appetite suppressant included, which is good – at least there’s more than one approach for weight loss taken care of. The only way to make it last is to couple several approaches with a proper diet and exercise. We’ll review Chizeled to see how well it stacks against similar products.

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  • There are several different ingredients used, included a few proven thermogenics that work like Avesil.
  • Chizeled could have potential weight loss benefits, because of the different ingredients used. If coupled with a good diet and exercise this product could be of use.


  • There are no customer testimonials on the website, which can make it hard for customers to gauge whether they should buy the product.
  • There are no refunds either, or any money-back policy.
  • Not all of the ingredients are effective, especially as applied as a cream.
  • Caffeine is included as an ingredient.


Although we like the fact that several different methods of fat burning are used, we don’t like the fact that this product seems to be applied as a cream. The appetite suppressant that comes with it is potentially worth considering though. Using a good appetite suppressant, thermogenic and a good diet and exercise will be more likely to bring weight loss than anything else.

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