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Chlorodrol-50 is a weight loss supplement, but it acts differently that most. Instead of acting to suppress the appetite or keep fat from absorbing into the bloodstream, Chlorodrol 50 acts as a testosterone enhancer, thus encouraging muscle growth. The reason many people try to lose weight is actually for losing fat, and it’s the theory that more muscle will mean that less of the calories you eat get turned into fat. There aren’t many formulas on the market that do this as a method of weight loss, so we have to credit the company for creativity. However, it’s not yet established whether it actually works. We have to read about the ingredients and customer testimonials to see whether this product has really had any positive effect. After all, many products on the market make claims that they end up not being able to work with.


It turns out that Chlorodrol-50 has only one active ingredient in Chlorodrol-50 -Chlorodehydromethylandrost. The company, Culver concepts, claims that this particular substance is necessary for testosterone without causing estrogen to be developed. Testosterone causes muscle to be grown, whereas estrogen is mainly responsible for fat and water retention. There has yet to be any official research that proves Chlorodehydromethlandrost has any real effect, although bodybuilders claim it to give results. We feel that ingredients should be used only after they have good scientific backing from research and experimentation. Also, a good appetite suppressant would be welcome in this product just to have one of the traditional approaches to weight loss. Appetite suppressants, thermogenics and a good diet and exercise are the best ways to ensure that any weight loss sticks. However, if this product creates more muscle, the metabolism will increase due to muscle requiring more energy to maintain than fat.

Product Features

The official website for this product has a few forums that allow people to discuss proper use and effects.

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  • This product offers a more unique approach to weight loss than others like it.
  • Bodybuilders and people who work out tend to believe that Chlorodrol-50 has some worth as consideration.


  • There isn’t much scientific research backing up the claims that this product increases muscle mass. Testimonials are fine, but sometimes actual research studies are needed.
  • The main ingredient isn’t anything that’s proven to help in losing weight.
  • As of this review we saw this supplement sold at $89.99 for a bottle of 30 pills. This is much too expensive in our opinion for most people.


Although we like the idea of increasing muscle mass to boost the metabolism, we aren’t sure exactly how this product is supposed to do that. There is little research, and we aren’t willing to simply trust word of mouth without a little research into this product’s abilities. For people looking to lose weight we would advise getting a good thermogenic product or possibly an appetite suppressant.

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    Chloradrol was working great for me. i didn’t need to lose weight, but i wanted to cut up and gain lean muscle and it worked for the first three weeks, but i had to stop because i couldn’t achieve REM sleep. even though i never got any kind of chemical amped buzz from it. i would recommend it if i could manage my sleep better. if anyone has any ideas let me know.