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What You Should Know

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Chlorovar is a lead muscle builder that helps a bodybuilder achieve awesome mass gains, according to the product description. We found the supplement on several bodybuilding websites. The product description claims the supplement is a combination of two prohormones with a few other ingredients thrown in for hormone support. Prohormones are not legal in athletic competitions and, in some cases, athletes will be banned from future competition if they test positive for certain substances. Typically, bodybuilding supplement companies will alter the chemical make-up of true prohormones to create a new compound. This new compound is not fully tested before being released in the bodybuilding market.

Dieters have no need for a prohormone or a derivative of a prohormone. These supplements are designed to increase lean muscle mass and strength and come with a long list of potential side effects, including liver damage in some cases. Bodybuilders must cycle on and off certain supplements to maintain good health.

List of Ingredients

4 Chloro, 17a Methyl androst-1,4-diene 3, 17b-diol, 3,2-c pyrazole-5alpha-etioallocholane-17b-tetrahydropyranol, Chlorella and Suma.

Product Features

There are two well-known diet ingredients included in Chlorovar – Chlorella and Suma. Chlorella is an algae that supplies protein and may help control weight gain and reduce the risk of cancer, based on preliminary clinical testing. This is a safe ingredient.

Suma is a type of ginseng that may help control hormones, according to the Chlorovar description. Most forms of ginseng are included in supplements for focus, not hormone control. The company does not list any clinical studies to support the hormone claims.

The remaining ingredients are chemicals created to facilitate muscle growth. These ingredients are no fully tested in a clinical setting and cannot be considered safe. Bodybuilders are often willing to take any new product on the market in hopes of achieving unrealistic muscle gains, but these new supplements come with a price.

The ingredient 4 Chloro, 17a Methyl androst-1,4-diene 3, 17b-diol is not actually Halovar, but a clone of the product. It can take weeks for this product to work. The ingredient 3,2-c pyrazole-5alpha-etioallocholane-17b-tetrahydropyranol is also known as Stanozol THP. High doses of 200 mg or more are required for any effect.

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  • Available online.
  • May still be legal, though the list of illegal prohormones is constantly changing.


  • Contains ingredients that will cause negative side effects.
  • Not designed to increase weight loss.
  • May not be safe for all users.


Most prohormones on the market today are chemical alterations of illegal prohormones. Companies through some chemicals together and adjust just one small part of the compound to create a new compound. Science can create as many chemical strings as it would like, but the potential risks just get higher and higher.

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    hello there, I am 32 years old, i have been skinny my entire live, and i don’t feel good about my look, so is chlorovar a good thing for me since i am starting to work out to change my look.?