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Editor's Review: 3.9 / 5.0

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Chocamine is a supplement that acts as an energy booster, supposedly to help make weight loss easier. The theory behind this is that as the body’s energy increases, so does metabolism and thus the rate at which calories burn. In this way it could be said to be a thermogenic. We are unsure how effective this product is at this time. There are many products on the market that promote weight loss, but many of them unfortunately do not work as advertised. There are several ways to help the body lose weight – by appetite suppressant, by thermogenically increasing the metabolism like Chocamine or by stopping fat from being absorbed. However, the only way to really make it keep is by having a proper diet and exercise. We’ll review Chocamine to see how effective it is as a weight loss product by looking at the ingredients.


Chocamine contains gelatin, geranamine, caffeine and calcium. Gelatin has already been shown to be an energy booster. Geranamine is another energy booster, but we really don’t know a lot about it beyond that. Calcium is mainly for strong bones and teeth, so we aren’t sure what benefits it has in weight loss. Caffeine is the main stimulant, it seems, and this concerns us.

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Caffeine acts as a diuretic, which means that the body is forced to urinate more frequently to get rid of water weight. This can cause dehydration if done too often, and caffeine has also been associated with heart problems and anxiety. We feel that weight loss products should be able to help people lose weight without having to resort to the use of diuretics. Ideally, there should be a form of appetite suppressant and a normal diet to help people keep the weight off after losing it in a healthy manner.

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  • This product contains gelatin and calcium, both of which are proven energy boosters and thermogenic ingredients.
  • There are no artificial ingredients like preservatives or anything.
  • It could have benefits toward losing weight.


  • Chocamine contains caffeine, which has been proven potentially dangerous when it comes to losing weight. Diuretics like caffeine can potentially dehydrate the body.
  • There are no impartial customer testimonials at the time of this review that we found outside the website.
  • After looking up the cost, we decided that $39.99 was a bit much for supplements of this nature that have possible harmful side effects.


We are pleased with some of the ingredients in Chocamine, but not all. The calcium and gelatin use for energy gains are good, because they also have nutritious value outside the context of the supplement. However, we are a bit wary of any product that uses caffeine as an ingredient because of the potential harm it can do.

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