Chocolate Banana Sida Cordifolia Review

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Reading about various weight loss methods, exercise programs, diet plans, and fat loss products can get frustrating. After all, there are so many out there, and more just keep getting released. The key is to find a weight loss formula with proven results, a solid satisfaction guarantee, and safe ingredients. This can take some time and research. In this review, we will give you the scoop on Chocolate Banana Sida Cordifolia. It is a weight loss product manufactured and sold in the UK.


  • Sida Cordifolia (ephedrine alkaloid)
  • Guarana (caffeine source)

Product Features

Chocolate Banana Sida Cordifolia is claimed to boost the metabolism, burn off fat, and increase energy levels. This product is available for around $30 per bottle. However, it may lead to certain side effects, such as dizziness, cramps, body aches, and ringing in the ears. Some users have even experienced rashes when using this supplement. There are some user reviews posted online for Chocolate Banana Sida Cordifolia. Unfortunately, there is no mention of a solid satisfaction guarantee with this diet formula.

Only two ingredients are mentioned for Chocolate Banana Sida Cordifolia. One of which is Sida Cordifolia, which is an Ephedrine Alkaloid. As you may know, Ephedrine and Ephedra are dangerous ingredients that have been banned in the United States. The purpose of this ingredient is to increase thermo genesis and calorie burning. This way the body burns off more calories and fat more rapidly. As for the other ingredient found in Chocolate Banana Sida Cordifolia, it is Guarana. Guarana is a stimulant and form of caffeine. It may help increase energy levels, and boost the metabolism to some degree.

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  • This diet product is sold online, which is convenient.
  • Some dieters may appreciate that this product is chocolate.


  • There is not much information provided on this diet product.
  • A lot of Caffeine is used in Chocolate Banana Sida Cordifolia.
  • This supplement contains an Ephedrine Alkaloid, which may lead to dangerous side effects.
  • There are more promising weight loss products available.


When considering all of the weight loss options at your disposal today, Chocolate Banana Sida Cordifolia does not really stand out as ideal. First of all, there is very little information presented on this weight loss supplement. This factor alone will deter some dieters. Secondly, a form of Ephedrine is used in Chocolate Banana Sida Cordifolia. This ingredient is dangerous, and can lead to serious side effects. Therefore we do not recommend that you take this weight loss product. The only other ingredient mentioned for this formula is Guarana, which is a form of caffeine. Put simply, there are better and safer diet pills to choose from.

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