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A number of diets in past years have focused on single ingredients in order to promote weight loss, with the cabbage soup diet being one well-known diet plan. However, the Chocolate diet takes a slightly different approach to this sort of single-ingredient weight loss plan. The Chocolate Diet is a diet plan that is designed to help users break their addiction to chocolate by incorporating small amounts of it into the diet every day. The author emphasizes the value of good quality chocolate, and hopes that by telling dieters that it is okay to have a small amount of chocolate each day, dieters won’t feel deprived, and are unlikely to binge on large amounts of chocolate. The rest of the program includes a strict, calorie-controlled dietary plan.

List Of Ingredients

The program encourages users to eat approximately 150 grams of chocolate every day as part of a calorie-controlled diet that is laid out in the Chocolate Diet book.

Product Details

Users purchase the Chocolate Diet book, which offers a strict, calorie-controlled meal plan based on what kind of “chocolate addict” a particular person is. For example, there are different diet plans for the “Weekend Indulger” or for the “Secret Binger”. The diet plan on average involves around 1100 calories per day. The Chocolate Diet book retails for $20

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  • The diet plan is designed to stop users from feeling deprived of their favorite treats
  • The plan does not require users to buy any additional products or sign up for any special programs
  • A detailed meal plan is provided


  • At 1100 calories, this diet is too low in calories for most people
  • The program emphasizes very high levels of weight-loss, which is not sustainable long-term


While it is a good idea to encourage dieters to be able to enjoy a balanced diet that doesn’t leave them feeling deprived, the Chocolate Diet does so in a way that feels too severe to be maintained over the long-term. Most people require at a very minimum 1200 calories in order to meet the demands of their body and brain, and this diet slips below that into unhealthy and sustainable levels. This is particularly problematic given that the diet also recommends that users exercise regularly, which is simply unsustainable on such a low amount of calories, particularly for a man, or for an individual who is not in the best of shape. Those wishing to lose weight should be aware that it is possible to incorporate treats, and especially healthy treats such as antioxidant rich dark chocolate, into a weight-loss plan, but that they don’t need to turn to such a strict and unsustainable diet plan in order to do so.

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    Does the program provide all the nutrients needed bu the body?