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CholesLo is a nutritional supplement for lowering cholesterol. CholesLo is manufactured by HFL Solutions, based in Las Vegas, NV. HFL Solutions was founded in 1992 by Dr. Sam Robbins. HFL Solutions’ mission is to stop, slow down and reverse the aging process with their products. CholesLo was originally created to treat Dr. Robbin’s aging parents elevated cholesterol. CholesLo is available in pill form and dosing is one to six pills daily.


CholesLo contains Lipid Optimizing System: Sytrinol®, Co-Q10 (Ubidecarenone), Red Rice Yeast (10:1 Lovastatin Extract – citrinin removed), Policosanal, Garlic Deoderized (Extract 1.3% alliin), Pantesin® d-Pantethine, Guggulsterones (10% Pure Extract; E and Z), Artichoke Leaf Extract (15% Chlorogenic Acid, 5% Cynarin), Phytosterols Complex, Liver Cleansing Formula: Milk Thistle (80% Extract), NAC (N-Acetyl L-Cysteine), Turmeric (95% curcuminoids Extract), Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), Homocysteine Reducing Formula: Folic Acid (Vitamin B9) 200 mcgs, Vitamin B6 20 mgs, Vitamin B12 100 mcgs.

Product Features

CholesLo is manufactured to lower cholesterol levels of its consumers. Sytrinol is HFL Solution’s own compound that contains natural citrus and palm fruit extracts. Co-Q10 is a naturally occurring enzyme in the body required for heart function. Policosanal lowers LDL cholesterol and raises HDL cholesterol. Garlic has been shown to lower overall cholesterol levels. Pantesin is proven to lower LDL cholesterol and raise HDL cholesterol. Guggulsterones has been used for thousands of years in India to alleviate problems associated with obesity, acne, and viral infections. Artichoke leaf extract is also shown to lower overall cholesterol. The homocysteine reducing formula is used to control overall cholesterol as well.

HFL Solutions states that this is a patent pending formula and cautions against using the individual products by themselves. HFL Solutions state that they have modified the ingredients to be safest and most effective for lowering cholesterol. They state they have not had any incidents of side effects with this product.

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  • CholesLo is offered with a cash back offer if the consumer’s cholesterol does not drop thirty points in thirty days.
  • CholesLo has a dedicated website with clinical trial information available.


  • CholesLo dosing requirements are one to six pills per day.
  • CholesLo may reduce overall cholesterol, but does not prevent the risk of heart attack or stroke.


CholesLo is manufactured to reduce overall cholesterol. The product website contains clinical information proving the effectiveness of the product and the individual formulas. CholesLo is offered with a full refund if the consumer’s total cholesterol does not lower by 30 points in 30 days. Consumers considering taking a cholesterol lowering medication should consult with their physician prior to use, especially if other medications are prescribed for high cholesterol. Drug interactions can occur. CholesLo does not have any documented side effects. CholesLo is not a weight loss supplement, only a nutritional supplement for cholesterol lowering. Consumers looking to lose weight should look for a product that contains a fat burner and appetite suppressant for best results. The product should have a dedicated website with clinical trials proving the effectiveness of the product.

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  • 1

    Can you provide me with a contact phone number . I want to returne this product It did not work. Advertising is a scam do to the company provides no returne address or contact number how do I supposed to return the product on time to obtain my full refund as they claim. The number I got on the internet is disconected.


  • 2
    jerome ward

    how do i find it or order this product


  • 3
    Laura Johnston

    my husband has been on these pills since April and exercising and dieting, he has lost 60lbs and feels great. He will get his blood results this Friday. Now he is having hair loss, is there a known connection with the pills or weight loss. I thought to much vitamin B causes hair loss but I don’t know of any other reason?



  • 4

    I just started on CholesLo and would like to know if I can still take my multi vitamin and fish oil as well. I was skeptical of this product but my other product I was using that was working quite well, I no longer can get. I will not go on any statin again. I hope this as good as you all say.


  • 5
    Michael Clarke

    I did lots of research, weeks in fact since heart disease is in my family history. it lowered my cholesterol numbers by 38 points total in just 6 months. My doctor encourages me to use this product on continuous basis. I am very happy about the results and can only say that “IT really works”.


  • 6
    tom osburn

    why did levels go up taking choleslo for 4 mos. my overall cholesterol went from 174 to 191 and my ldl went from 129 to 145


  • 7
    Harold Otterlei

    12.04.12 my LDL was 162 before starting Choleslo
    02.08.13 my LDL was 120 after Choleslo
    74% decrease over 2 mo. period! I’m pleased and look forward to my next LDL test.


  • 8

    I need to know if I can still take my multi vitamin with CholesLo? Also I drink a Greens first daily. With any of these interact with Choleslo?


    josie mccoy

    can you take multivitamin and fish oil with this?


    Be your own judge.

    It reads above in the report connected with your comment that you should not take choleslo with medications. Let Jesus be your guide. It’s an added protection.


  • 9
    Susan Wilson

    Hey–I have gotten such wonderful results with your product,that I have started my husband on it. I have been receiving it every other month. Now I need to get it every month if that’s possible. Thank you for such a wonderful product.


  • 10

    I love choleslo, it lowered my cholesterol numbers by 34 pts total in just 6 months. I took one with each meal during the day & cut back a tad on fast food outtings. However, my liver enzymes were slightly more elevated but they were also elevated before I began the product, so a fatty liver could be a separate issue for me. The doctor was very curious about the choleslo I was taking, he was concerned about the red rice yeast used in the product and the cheaper ways that is made… He told me to lower my dosage of choleslo to be safe… You just don’t really know about herbal products so always use with caution. I’ve lowered my dosage and I’m looking to get my grandma on the product because she can’t take lipitor/statins. It’s only been a little over a year of taking the product for me, so I would say overall I’m happy with it! One pill a day though just won’t work if you need to cut your cholesterol fast. So keep it on you to take with each meal or as recommended by the product or your doctor.


  • 11

    I began taking CholesLo in early 2012. I had blood tests with total cholesterol of 229, LDL-103, HDL-49 and Triglycerides-387. I took CholesLo for 6 months and retested blood. Total cholesterol-163, LDL-64, HDL-63, Triglycerides-179. My doc said “I don’t know what you are doing but keep it up, your numbers haven’t been this low in 20 years.” IT WORKS PEOPLE! I had no side effects and I am going back on it now along with my husband. Totally worth the price!


  • 12



  • 13

    i am having no luck in trying to get the mgs per ingredient per capsule from the Choleslo folks.. does anybody have this info?? I need to be informed before i make a decision to purchase…. tx


  • 14

    I have been taking Choleslo for6 months. My total cholesterol dropped 40 points, however my triglycerides went up 30 points.


    a. puig

    did u do any dieting and exercise?



    Triglycerides can jump around from day to day, hour to hour. You would need to double check a few results and not just one. I have had huge results with red yeast rice. 259 to 186!!! Now considering adding a few things for balancing other elements. Exercising and eating right is part of it as well.



    **huge results are with the total cholesterol profile, that is. Also, sugar raises triglycerides. I’ve reduced sugar in my diet as well.


  • 15

    any more feedbacks?


  • 16

    i need to talk to customer service


  • 17
    elaine pardue



  • 18
    shelley young

    I need to cancel my order please….


  • 19
    Mr. Aloysius Lobo

    Is Choleslo available in India or or equivalent product.


  • 20
    Shawn D

    I have been on statins for 10+ years. I am now having to come off them due to myopathy. This could be a great alternative if it really works. I wonder why L-Carnitine was not added or if there was a version of Choleslo without Guggul (due to the side effects it has).


  • 21
    cynthia arao

    overall cholesterol just dropped 10 points in a couple of months of taking choleslo. Am very disappointed!


  • 22

    After starting the increase in Choleslo, I have experienced small pinpoint rash over entire body. Are their any reports of this in the past?


  • 23

    I placed an orderbut recived no it being processed?


  • 24

    Does CholesLo reduce your chances of having a heart attack or stroke?


  • 25

    Does it work?


  • 26
    robert anger

    i’m type 2 diabetic i take metforma and diovan for high blood pre.i can’t take satin would i have any side effects from choleslo thank you


  • 27
    Barbara Herczeg

    You stated above, that there is no side effect recorded of CholesLo. I did have side effects that forced me to stop using it. Although I had great results taking CholesLo, after about 8 months of taking it I developed muscle pain and weakness which forced me to stop using it.

    Barbara Herczeg



    Are you sure your muscle pain and weakness are from choleslo.

    I started using product an hour ago and am experiencing a little nausea.



    I want to know way we can’t find in any drug stores in use