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Cholestasys is a dietary supplement that is claimed to assist with managing cholesterol levels. This product is suited for both men and women and is manufactured by MicroNutra Health Inc. Cholestasys aims to aid with “healthy cholesterol levels,” improving blood circulation, allowing users to feel better and improving overall health. While there is a link on the official website to post a success story, none seem to be provided. Cholestasys sells via the website for $57 and the product comes with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

The active ingredients incorporated into this diet supplement are Plant Sterol Complex, Policosanol and a Proprietary Herbal Blend (Guggul Oleo Resin Extract, Cayenne Powder and Garlic Powder). Guggul Oleo Resin is added to potentially lower serum cholesterol triglycerides. Cayenne aims to regulate healthy blood sugar. Garlic is claimed to reduce high cholesterol levels. There doesn’t appear to be any diet plan or fitness regimen encouraged on the official website. Cholestasys is intended to be taken with water daily. Unfortunately, there are no free trial samples of Cholestasys provided through the official website at this time. Cholestasys supplements have been featured on websites such as Fox News Channel, The New York Times on the websites, USA Today and

List of Ingredients

Cayenne Powder, Garlic Powder, Guggul Oleo Resin Extract, Plant Sterol Complex, Policosanol and Niacin.

Product Features

Cholestasys is a dietary drug that is suitable for both men and women alike. This product primarily endeavors to regulate the user’s cholesterol levels and promote overall health and well being. The primary ingredients found in Cholestasys are Plant Sterol Complex, Policosanol and a Proprietary Herbal Blend (Guggul Oleo Resin Extract, Cayenne Powder and Garlic Powder). Cholestasys aims to lower serum cholesterol triglycerides, regulate healthy blood sugar and improve overall health. There doesn’t appear to be any actual clinical evidence provided on the official website for Cholestasys. It sells through the official website for $57 for 60 capsules.

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  • Cholestasys can be easily and conveniently purchased via the official website.
  • Cholestasys comes in an easy-to-manage capsule form.
  • There is a 90-day satisfaction guarantee offered with Cholestasys supplements.


  • This product is more of a cholesterol aid than a weight loss supplement.
  • There are no free trial samples of Cholestasys tablets offered through the website.
  • Customer testimonials are not found on the official Cholestasys website.
  • Some ingredients found in Cholestasys may not be suitable for some individuals.
  • Cholestasys sells for $57 for 30 servings, which may not be affordable for some individuals.
  • Cholestasys comes across as more of a cholesterol medicine, than it does a weight reduction supplement.


Overall, Cholestasys is a rather interesting and unique dietary supplement. On the bright side, this product does endeavor to assist with cholesterol management, blood circulation and overall health. However, it would certainly be reassuring to see some actual clinical data provided on the official website, along with some free trial samples of Cholestasys and a few customer testimonials. It’s prudent to consult a doctor before taking Cholestasys supplements, since high cholesterol can pose a serious health risk that should be dealt with professionally.

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    Is the supplement cholestasys safe for breast feeding mom?


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    Norberto Amadeo Guerra

    I am a 68 years old varicose pation with angyna pain ,could Cholestasys help me?,please help me thanks.