Cholesterol Control Without Dieting Review

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Cholesterol is a problem in America that has possibly been linked to weight loss. Many people are overweight in America but they don’t know exactly what they should do to get rid of it. There are plenty of supplements and products online, but sometimes they want to try doing things themselves without resorting to outside help. However, they find themselves unable to stick to a diet. This is because oftentimes diets are very restrictive in what they allow the person to eat. This leads to people hopping from one diet to the other to help solve the problem. High cholesterol is one of the bigger problems associated with being overweight, and the book Cholesterol Control Without Dieting: The Niacin Solution is aimed at people who want to control their cholesterol without having to go on rigorous diets.

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This book is currently for sale on Amazon for $14.21. It’s written by William Parsons Jr. M.D. approximately308 pages, and talks about how the substance niacin can help lower cholesterol. It turns out that niacin is a compound that’s found mainly in one of the B vitamins. The book concerns the results of Dr. Parson’s studies into the effects of niacin on cholesterol patients. Apparently, those patients who had foods with higher amounts of the vitamin B complex were less prone to have high cholesterol. It isn’t certain whether their weights were any different, or whether there was any correlation with the two groups. From the excerpt we read, the book seems to have a very academic tone – actually the title itself would suggest it’s for professionals, because not very many people automatically know what niacin is. We feel that books should be accessible to all readers, and that people could benefit from the knowledge inside. However, any physician could recommend a diet higher in vitamin B after reading Cholesterol Control Without Dieting.

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  • The book has comprehensive information about how niacin affects cholesterol, based on the results of studies.
  • No fad diets or anything are mentioned, just the addition of a single nutrient to the normal diet.
  • Currently, the book is sold for a low price on Amazon.


  • The tone and style of writing are more suited for academics and professionals than average readers.
  • Niacin addition is the only dietary change mentioned.
  • The book doesn’t specifically advise the reader on how to lose weight – the link between cholesterol and weight loss has yet to be proven.


Cholesterol Control Without Dieting seems like it has some potential to advise people on how to have a lower cholesterol count. However, it doesn’t really address the issue of weight. We would feel better if the tone of the book were altered to better suit the average reader.

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