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Cholesterol Rescue is an all-natural cholesterol reducing supplement from Source Naturals. The supplement contains no active ingredients to increase weight loss, but reducing cholesterol is important to many overweight and obese dieters to improve general health and help them reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke. Cholesterol Rescue supports healthy cholesterol, helps prevent the absorption of consumed cholesterol and attempts to control cholesterol production in the body.

The official website for Source Naturals provides a detailed description and pricing information, but the visitor must purchase the supplement from a third-party vendor as Source Naturals does not sell supplements directly. Some offline stores also carry Source Naturals products.

List of Ingredients

Phytosterol Complex: 400 mg Sterols.

Sytrinol Citrus Flavones.

Product Features

There are few herbal ingredients proven to have the benefits claimed by supplement companies. Plant sterols are one of those ingredients. According to experts in the prevention of heart disease, consuming plant sterols may reduce the risk of heart disease. The suggested dose is 400 mg taken in two doses during the day. Cholesterol Rescue includes 400 mg and the suggested dose is twice a day.

Citrus flavones do not work to reduce cholesterol. They help the body control cholesterol production. If cholesterol production increases due to bad eating habits, it may get stuck in overdrive mode. Citrus flavones may help bring down production and improve cholesterol health.

Cholesterol Rescue offers two strong ingredients for total cholesterol health, but this does not directly affect weight loss. However, dieters need to understand the importance of lowering cholesterol, especially if the dieter suffers from higher than normal cholesterol levels. Cholesterol reduces blood flow and can eventually stop blood flow all together, leading to heart related illness or attack and death. Eating a healthy diet is the first stage of reducing cholesterol, but natural supplements like Cholesterol Rescue may help speed up the process.

Once cholesterol levels are under control, the dieter may feel safer doing vigorous exercise to lose weight.

Cholesterol Rescue sells for $15.98 per 30 tablets (2 weeks), $30.50 for 60 tablets (one-month) and $44.75 for 90 tablets (6 weeks). Outside retailers may offer the supplement for a reduced price.

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  • Plant sterols are a healthy addition to any diet.
  • May help reduce bad cholesterol and promote good cholesterol.
  • May help control cholesterol production.
  • May reduce the risk of heart disease and death.


  • No fat burners.
  • No appetite suppressant.
  • Must be taken twice a day.
  • Source Naturals does not sell the product directly.
  • Costs more than other cholesterol reducing supplements.


There are no weight loss benefits associated with Cholesterol Rescue, but the dieter may feel better about exercise knowing they are reducing cholesterol along the way. It is best to contact your physician before taking this product if you are currently taking prescription medications for high cholesterol. If the plant sterols do lower cholesterol levels, the dieter may need less of the prescription medication. Most physicians are open to natural supplementation for better health.

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