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Chromax is a chromium supplement created by Nutrition 21. The official website for the company explains the science behind the supplement, but does not offer direct ordering. Nutrition 21 Chromax can be ordered online from trusted sources, however. There are more than 35 published trials involving Chromax specifically. Nutrition 21 does not stand behind each of the products using Chromax in their formula, but they do stand behind Chromax as a premier chromium supplement.

List of Ingredients

Chromium Picolinate.

Product Features

Nutrition 21 looks at Chromax as an ingredient and not a supplement. According to the product description, Chromax is used in many weight loss products, but none are listed. Chromium picolinate is one of the few weight loss ingredients that has been tested for weight loss benefits. As is the case with any proven ingredient, the work it can do is only exemplified by the other ingredients added to a supplement.

Typically, Chromax is used as an appetite suppressant. Chromium helps to regulate blood glucose levels and fight off hunger and cravings. When carbohydrates are consumed, glucose levels spike as the body digests this easily utilized form of energy. Within a short time, the carbohydrates are all processed and glucose levels slump – quickly. This triggers a signal that tells hunger to kick in so the body can have more of that simple energy.

Even if the body does not need more energy or if extra energy was stored as fat, the body does not recognize this fact and wants more carbohydrates. Chromium, or Chromax in this case, slows down the digestive process and carbohydrates last longer. The spike and subsequent fall of blood glucose levels is also prevented leaving the dieter feeling more in control of hunger.

Chromax can be purchased through third-party supplement companies just not directly from Nutrition 21. Prices range from $13 online to $30 in stores.

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  • Clinically tested in more than 35 published studies.
  • Chromium proven to help regulate hunger.
  • Priced comparably to other vitamin and mineral supplements.
  • Found online and offline.
  • Helps regulate blood sugar levels.


  • Taken alone, Chromax may not reach its potential benefits.


We are openly fond of chromium as a fantastic weight loss ingredient. We believe there is no other stronger appetite suppressant being used in the weight loss industry today. However, we needed to look at Chromax from the outside with an observant eye and an open mind. What we found were clinical trial supporting the supplement and no false claims. Nutrition 21 does not make Chromax out to be a sure all. Rather the company clearly states the ingredient is used in other weight loss supplement (that is does not name). Other online reviews of Chromax are negative, but we cannot put down a supplement that is clearly worth a try if only as part of a proven weight loss product.

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