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Chromium X2 is a weight loss supplement created by Orovo, LLC. The supplement claims to eliminate cravings and help control hunger, which could lead to weight loss. We love the fact that chromium is the main ingredient in this supplement, but weight loss is about more than just controlling hunger. If hunger were the only issue, dieters could drink tons of water and never have to worry about being hungry between meals. Chromium X2 may have a strong start, but there is more to weight loss than that.

List of Ingredients

Chromium Polynicotinate, Chromium Picolinate, Magnesium Sterate, Gelatin.

Product Features

The only positive claim associated with Chromium X2 is the maintenance of blood glucose levels. When blood glucose rises after the dieter consumes a high carbohydrate meal or food, the body is kicking into energy overdrive. After the energy is processed, the body wants more quick energy so as blood glucose levels dive, the brain signals hunger. Chromium helps to stop that dive to stop the hunger.

As Chromium is the only ingredient in Chromium X2, we wonder were the fat burning and weight loss benefits are truly based. Hunger is not the only issue dieters face and as such, we like to see fat burning ingredients paired with appetite suppressants to complete the formula. Green tea and caffeine are both proven to increase heart rate and metabolism, but Chromium X2 contains neither.

Chromium X2 sells for $14.99. Each bottle contains 100 capsules and if the dieter subscribes to the Preferred membership program, they can take a significant discount on supplement prices. For Chromium X2, the price drops to $6.99. Chromium can also be purchased in every vitamin shop and major retail store. Dieters may wish to choose a proven weight loss supplement or check an outside retailer for the same formula without shipping and handling costs.

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  • Chromium is proven to control hunger by regulating blood glucose levels.
  • Chromium is inexpensive.
  • Clinical studies back the weight loss claims associated with chromium.


  • Chromium X2 does not include all the proven ingredient needed to lose weight.
  • The cost of the supplement plus shipping and handling may be more than the price of chromium in stores.


There is nothing wrong with taking chromium as a standalone supplement to decrease hunger or help regulate blood glucose levels. There are no side effects that we could find when taking chromium, but that doesn’t mean it is the most effective solution. Dieters need to choose a proven supplement that helps control hunger and boost metabolism. Green tea and caffeine are the best two ingredient to pair with chromium and can be found in a variety of proven, safe weight loss products.

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