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Chunk Fitness is the brainchild of Michael Lepore, a dieter looking for relevant and informative information relating to diet and exercise. The information on the website claims to be based upon science and years of study. Lepore states the information on the Internet was no longer relevant and the world needed fresh information. The downside of Chunk Fitness is the information present is similar to years of nutritional and physiological recommendations. We will take a closer look at Chunk Fitness to see if Lepore’s approach to fitness is better than what is readily available.

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  • Informational website relating to diet and exercise.

Product Features

Chunk Fitness is an information-only website discussing diet and exercise. The website does not sell products, equipment or supplements, only offers advice. The creator of Chunk Fitness is Michael Lepore. The creator is not a physician, nutritionist or certified trainer. His expertise is sited as being a high school athlete and a weight lifter. He started the site as a way to offer honest information relating to nutrition and exercise.

A key to Chunk Fitness is the cost of the information. The information is free. Although the information is free, we have concerns of the authenticity. Since Lepore is not an authority in the field, we can only assume the information is merely regurgitated from information on the Internet.

We did not like how Chunk Fitness offers advice without scientific proof. Dieters deserve the best and information from an authoritative source. Chunk Fitness does not provide this type of information. We feel as if Chunk Fitness is going to provide information regarding diet and nutrition, there should be from an authoritative source.

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  • The information is free.
  • The website does not attempt to sell anything.


  • The information is not from an authoritative source.
  • The content creator is not an authority or expert in the field.
  • The information is readily available on the Internet.
  • The information on the website is opinion and not fact.


We like companies that assist dieters with weight management and living a healthy lifestyle. Chunk Fitness is a company that provides information relating to all facets of fitness. Dieters will find information relating to exercising and nutrition. We would have liked to see information relating to supplementation. There is the chance a diet will not fulfill the nutritional requirements of an effective weight management program. The best part about of Chunk Fitness is the information is free. The only requirement is the motivation to follow through on a weight management plan, which could be the hardest part of any program.

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