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The Cigarette Diet is a fad diet that promotes people using cigarettes as a weight loss tool. The idea is that a cigarette will act as an appetite suppressant because it occupies your hands and mouth much the same way as eating or snacking does. This is not a diet we recommend because of the serious health risks smoking can lead to. Though repercussions may not be immediately present, the long term effects of smoking can lead to death.

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The Cigarette Diet recommends smoking a cigarette whenever you feel hungry, to curb your appetite. It does not recommend any specific ways of eating, or caloric restrictions. You basically eat whatever you want, whenever you want it, but you try to eat less and use the smoking to help you feel less hungry. There are no exercise guidelines to help you burn more calories than you consume through food. In fact, smoking cigarettes can make exercise more difficult because of the fact you’re your lungs cannot get as much oxygen as they need to function correctly. Since it makes exercising more difficult, we are guessing this is the reason why no exercise is recommended.

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  • The Cigarette Diet can curb your appetite.
  • This can lead to weight loss.


  • The Cigarette Diet promotes smoking, which has serious health consequences.
  • This is a fad diet.
  • There are no dietary guidelines to support this diet.
  • There are no exercise guidelines to support this diet.
  • Smoking around others can affect their health, as well.


The Cigarette Diet is not a healthy diet choice. While it is true smoking can help curb your appetite, and when most people quit smoking they experience some weight gain, this is not a safe and healthy way to reach your long term weight loss goals. Simply eating whatever you want and not exercising, even when smoking cigarettes is not going to cut it, and will likely kill you faster! Don’t smoke to lose weight. If you are trying to lose weight and you smoke, work on cutting back while you improve your diet and start an exercise program, as exercising will help combat against the weight gain associated with quitting. There was a time when they were touted as a weight loss tool, yes, but during this time, the health risks were not known. If you feel you need a bit more help after you have adjusted your diet and included exercise in your lifestyle, add a clinically proven weight loss supplement that contains either an appetite suppressant or a fat burner to get a bit of extra support.

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