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The Cinch Diet is a book written by Cynthia Sass. The book explains how dieters can take control of the foods and exercise to lose weight and inches. The plan lasts 30 days and starts with a 5-day jumpstart plan. According to customer reviews of the book, the 5-day plan allows only five foods, which could be difficult for some dieters. The foods allowed on the fast forward portion of the plan are spinach, raspberries, plain yogurt, almonds and eggs. With four recipes in hand, the dieter must eat these foods and only these foods for a full five days before starting the Cinch Diet.

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The fast forward diet included in the Cinch Diet is difficult to follow and does not fulfill vitamin and mineral requirements for most dieters. It is important to take a daily multi-vitamin when starting the Cinch Diet with the fast forward plan. Dieters who do not like eggs or yogurt and those suffering from food allergies or lactose intolerance may have to start with the 30-day Cinch Diet plan instead of the fast forward weight loss jumpstart.

Many of the foods suggested on the Cinch Diet are organic. Organic foods cost more than non-organic varieties. The increase in food budget could be overpowering for some people. The diet is also focused more on women than man, reducing the demographic following the diet.

Sample menus included on the Cinch Diet are Strawberry Smoothie, Cashew Oatmeal, Jalapeno Guacamole and Chicken Pesto Pitas. According to some dieters, the menus and recipes require plenty of preparation, making this plan difficult to follow for some dieters.

SASS is important for weight loss on the Cinch diet. SASS stands for Slimming and Satiating Seasonings. These are used in many recipes and menus. SASS includes tea, hot peppers and vinegar.

There are references throughout the book for medical studies supporting healthy exercise for improved health and weight loss. These studies are important for the credibility of the book, but they provide no new information for the dieter.

The Cinch Diet book sells for $14 on We could not find an official website for the book.

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  • Supports healthy eating and exercise for weight loss.
  • SASS includes several proven weight loss seasonings and ingredients.
  • Green tea is promoted for healthy weight loss.


  • The fast forward jumpstart plan is difficult to follow.
  • Dieters may not have the money to buy all organic foods.


The Cinch Diet is an organic diet with an unhealthy jumpstart plan for increased weight loss. Dieters desiring to follow the Cinch Diet should do so without following the 5-day jumpstart.

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