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Cinch, also known as the “inch loss plan”, is a weight loss program that offers software, information, and supplements to potentially aid women and men with weight reduction. Unlike some other fat loss plans and systems, this one is supposed to allow users to consume the food “they look forward to eating.” With the Cinch program, you’re able to (one) lose pounds and inches, (two) break the dieting cycle, (three) be less hungry, and (four) be healthier. There appear to be five different aspects of the Cinch weight loss plan. These are the Cinch Shake Mix (meal replacement shake with high whey protein levels), Cinch 3-in-1 Boost supplement (offers the body vitamins and minerals, while increasing the metabolism and maintaining blood sugar levels), Cinch Bars (offers protein to help build muscle), Cinch Energy Tea Mix (boosts energy levels), and Cinch Coach software (helps user with meal plans, nutritious recipes, and regular fitness regimens). All of which can be attained when you purchase the Cinch Starter Kit. The cost of the Cinch program is $193.80 for those with a membership but is otherwise it costs over $250. There are video testimonials presented on the website from past users.

Product Features

Cinch is pitched as a “complete” weight loss system that involves meal replacement shakes, snack bars, software that shows meal plans, nutritious recipes, and regular fitness regimens, energy tea, and an oral supplement to help the user’s metabolism. There is a link offered on the website that provides “real science” or clinical trials to support the Cinch diet system. There is additionally some data presented on why other diet plans fail to work. Anyone can attain a “free analysis” by logging onto the website and punching in their information and target weight loss.

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  • The Cinch weight loss plan is suitable for both women and men suffering with obesity.
  • This weight reduction system involves eating more healthy and adopting a fitness regimen.


  • The Cinch diet plan is rather high-priced at $193.80.
  • There doesn’t seem to be a free trial of the product provided on the website.
  • The oral supplement taken with the Cinch plan does not aim to increase thermogenesis.


There’s no doubt that the Cinch weight loss plan is unique and interesting in some ways. It’s not too often you see a dieting program that involves meal replacement shakes, snack bars, software that shows meal plans, nutritious recipes, regular fitness regimens, energy tea, and even an oral supplement to help the user’s metabolism. While this is refreshing and may assist some individuals with weight loss it’s important to remember the lifestyle change involved with the Cinch diet. If it looks too involved or the price is just too high then you might want to continue your search for a more convenient dietary supplement.

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7 User Reviews about Cinch

  • 1
    Shirley Radziak

    Do the products contain soy? I was recently on the Medifast diet which is a soy based diet but I had to come off of it because of the soy. I had breast cancer 8 years ago and my doctor said I shouldn’t have soy products.


    Calah Hanson

    There is two versions of Cinch. One is soy-based and the other is not. They are both as equally as good.


  • 2
    Cherie Ann

    I have been using the Shaklee Cinch inch loss program a year ago and lost 25lbs and droped from a size 14 to a size 8. It is the best product I have tried and the tea is amazing!


  • 3

    is the p-nutbutter regular&is the yogart just plain



    How does the the five day diet work I want to lose 8 pounds :)


  • 4

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