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Citrucel is a natural fiber supplement used to support regular bowel movements. Fiber can be overpowering for the digestive system, causing gas, bloating and pain. Citrucel uses Smart Fiber, a fiber derived from plant cellulose to prevent these side effects. Fiber is commonly included in colon cleansing and weight loss supplements. While fiber will help regulate bowel movements, it is often used as an appetite suppressant.

Citrucel does not sell products online. Many of the supplements and powders sold by the company are available over the counter at retail stores or pharmacies. The price of Citrucel will vary, but consumers can expect to pay less than $20 per container.

List of Ingredients

Methylcellulose Fiber.

Product Features

There is no specific ingredient list for Citrucel on the official website. We pulled the one ingredient from the FAQs section. Methylcellulose fiber is sourced from plants. It is water-soluble, unlike psyllium fiber. The huge claim behind Citrucel is the fact that Smart Fiber is used. Smart Fiber is supposed to prevent the common, painful and embarrassing side effects of taking a fiber supplement. In theory, a water-soluble fiber should be less harsh on the body, but this may not be the case.

The fine print reads all claims are a result of lab testing. People sensitive to the effects of fiber may feel the same bloating, gas and intestinal pain taking Citrucel they did taking other forms of fiber.

As an appetite suppressant, fiber may help prevent hunger between meals. Fiber takes a long time to digest. If a dieter eats fiber 30 minutes before a meal, it has then passed out of the stomach and into the intestine. Food is stuck behind the slow-digesting fiber, which means the stomach empties more slowly.

Hunger occurs when easily digested foods move quickly out of the stomach and through digestion. If fiber slows down that process, hunger will occur less often.

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  • Fiber is a healthy addition to any diet program.
  • Fiber could slow hunger.


  • No prices listed on the Citrucel website.
  • No official ingredient list.
  • Claims of less gas and bloating are based on lab tests, not human tests.


Fiber is a healthy addition to any diet. Fiber helps keep the bowels moving, preventing waste build-up and constipation. As a bulk-forming laxative, fiber can also help prevent diarrhea. The weight loss market picked up on fiber as a healthy appetite suppressant because it takes a long time for fiber to pass through the digestive system. If a dieter takes Citrucel about 30 minutes before a meal, they may be less hungry and eat less food. This effect may not be strong enough to boost weight loss as it requires regular intake of fiber.

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