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CLA-1300 is a Nature’s Way product ultimately designed to naturally promote fat loss and weight loss. The term CLA refers to conjugated linoleic acid, which has been clinically tested for use as a diet supplement without great results. CLA may help people who are already fit and trim lose fat and replace that fat with lean muscle. The results on the scale are minimal, but the body will take on a new shape. However, for the average dieter, products like CLA-1300 will not promote weight loss or fat loss.

List of Ingredients


  • Clarinol CLA – 1,300 mg

Product Features

Conjugated linoleic acid was first promoted for weight loss as Tonalin CLA. Tonalin claimed to produce fat loss results in all dieters, but the reality of how CLA works in the body was later revealed in clinical studies. CLA does help the use lose more fat and increase lean muscle, but clinical studies have only been completed on people with athletic builds while following an exercise program. The average dieter does not have an athletic build and they struggle to maintain a diet and weight loss program.

CLA-1300 may cause negative side effects, including stomach upset, diarrhea, gas, bloating and other intestinal problems. These side effects tend to be short-lived and resolve on their own with regular use of CLA-containing products.

CLA-1300 and other CLA products are relatively inexpensive. When the product flooded the market, the price dove dramatically, but the positive testimonials from dieters having lose weight while using products like CLA-1300 simply don’t exist to support the claims or even spending even the smallest amount of money on the product.

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  • CLA-1300 is available online.
  • All ingredients are revealed on the official website.
  • It will cause fat loss and help build lean muscle in athletic people who exercise regularly.


  • Will not help the average dieter lose weight.
  • Will not promote lean muscle if the user does not exercise.
  • Will not promote fat loss if the dieter assumes an unhealthy diet.


When it comes to losing weight there are thousands of supplement products on the market that make huge claims without the support of clinical research. These claims are often aimed at the optimal results in the optimal setting and we all know that the average dieter is not living in the optimal setting or they wouldn’t be overweight.

CLA-1300 is not going to change the weight on the scale or the percentage of body fat or lean muscle if the dieter does not make lifestyle changes.

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  • 1

    I just bought this product and was wondering does this product only hit the stomach area because i dont want to lose my curves?


    Stephen (Editor)

    Well anytime you lose weight, the reduction of fat is evenly distributed around the body. If you want to retain your curves you could try a daily squat regimen to sculpt your buttocks and hips.


  • 2
    Yoursonia weed Name

    if you use Cla 1300 for 3 years or longer what is the long term negative effect. can you direct me to a website that I can see any implication for long term use. my doctor is not for or against it because it is bought in the health food store. .


    Cameron (Editor)

    Hi Sonia. It depends on which company you decide to buy from. CLA 1300mg is an ingredient. Nature’s Way make a bottle.


  • 3

    Hi , I start to use before one week tonalin 1300 MG CLA at the first three day from using it I feel that I am urination and after 5 days I got kidney pain and I went to check up the hospital make check up for my urine and blood they told me that I don’t have stone , so my question is do the tonalin 1300 MG CLA has effect to kidney ? And I start to train some exercise so can I loose my fat ‘ however my weight is 80 and my height is 175 and my fat is around my stomach
    Thank and best Regard


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