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CLA 500 is a Nutrilite product sold through Amway. The product contains 1,000 mg of conjugated linoleic acid per two softgels and 3,000 mg of conjugated linoleic acid per suggested daily dose. Dieters must take six softgels every day to intake the 3,000 mg. Conjugated linoleic acid is an acid source from safflower oil. Tons of products use safflower oil as the main ingredient claiming to increase weight loss, specifically fat loss. Conjugated linoleic acid was once thought to be a useful dietary supplement for fat loss, but clinical trials are not as supportive as some companies claim. CLA does not promote weight loss. What is does promote is increased lean muscle and fat loss, which results in weight gain and loss that balances out. The body has a healthier composition, but the scale does not change as dramatically as dieters would like it to.

List of Ingredients

Safflower Oil, Gelatin and Glycerin.

Product Features

What does CLA 500 offer the dieter? Safflower oil or conjugated linoleic acid is supposed to promote fat loss. There are some clinical studies that support this claim, but lean muscle mass is also affected. The dieter who wants to lose a significant amount of weight will not see the benefit from CLA 500 that they would from a fat burner or appetite suppressant.

There are also potential side effects associated with the main ingredient in CLA 500. These side effects include upset stomach, indigestion, diarrhea or other stomach problems. Dieters should be wary of taking CLA with prescription medications as diarrhea can flush medications out of the body before they are properly absorbed.

There is also a lack of support for weight loss claims. The official website for CLA 500 includes no testimonials. Amway is a supplier for distributors, so all information on the website is designed to give the distributor the information they need to sell CLA 500. Dieters may find the product description differs from one website to the next as the individual distributors are responsible for selling the supplement, not Amway.

Each bottle of CLA 500 sells for $80 per bottle. This is far more expensive than other CLA supplements. Some products, like Tonalin CLA, sell for less than $20 per bottle and they contain the same amount of safflower oil and CLA per serving.

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  • CLA may increase lean muscle and help the body burn fat stores.
  • Ingredients are listed online.


  • The dieter will not see extreme weight loss benefits.
  • Will not work for all dieters.
  • The price is higher than other CLA supplements.
  • No testimonials on the official website.


CLA 500 is not the most effective weight loss supplement available for dieters. Even if CLA was more effective, this supplement is way overpriced.

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    Marcel Kalume

    I am an IBO living in South Africa. But I trying to get a way to buy the product. it seems not to appears in the South African list of product. What can I do to get the product?


  • 2
    Barbara carless

    Does cla500 work if I do not exercise?



    No you need to workout.


    Your Name

    Yes but u will start to sag


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