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CLA, also known as conjugated linoleic acid, is essentially an isomer of linoleic acid. This makes it a “fatty acid” with different chemical functions than LA (linoleic acid). CLA has been incorporated into dietary supplements in order to assist men and women with weight reduction. This element is stated to be commonly found in safflower oil, dairy products and meat. Overall CLA aims to decrease body fat, increase muscle mass and even assist with battling cancer. One diet product that offers CLA is Tonalin CLA. This supplement can be purchased in health food stores, pharmacies and GNC stores.

CLA was discovered by one Dr. Michael Pariza back in 1978. Beef and dairy products appear to be the key sources of CLA. Similar to many other weight loss products currently on the market, Tonalin CLA is recommended to be taken in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise routine. The official website states that some studies have shown that CLA may minimize the user’s number of fat cells, boost metabolic rates, increase fat breakdown rate and reduce the quantity of fat that’s stored after eating. The supplement Tonalin CLA doesn’t appear to be offered with a 100% money-back guarantee. However, there are some customer testimonials offered on the official website. There don’t appear to be any free trial samples of CLA offered at this time.

List of Ingredients

Not available on the official website.

Product Features

Tonalin CLA is a weight loss supplement that is marketed toward both men and women alike. This diet drug endeavors to increase fat breakdown rates, decrease body fat, increase lean muscle mass, minimize fat cells and even assist with battling cancer. The primary ingredient is CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), which is an isomer of linoleic acid. There are some clinical studies presented for CLA online, as well as on the official website for the diet product Tonalin CLA. Although Tonalin CLA cannot be purchased through the official website, this diet product is available in health food stores, drugstores and general nutrition centers.

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  • Tonalin CLA comes in a simple and convenient pill form.
  • Tonalin CLA can be purchased in most health food stores and pharmacies.
  • A healthy diet and regular exercise are encouraged with Tonalin CLA.


  • Some components of Tonalin CLA may not be suitable for all individuals.
  • There are no free trial samples of this supplement provided through the official website.
  • Tonalin CLA doesn’t appear to be offered with a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Tonalin CLA is not conveniently available for purchase through the official website.
  • It’s difficult to determine whether or not Tonalin CLA comes with any potential side effects.
  • It doesn’t appear that Tonalin CLA is approved by the FDA.


Like many diet drugs and weight loss supplements, Tonalin CLA endeavors to assist with anything from an increased fat breakdown rate within the body, to decreased body fat, to increased lean muscle mass, to minimizing fat cells. On the bright side, the active component CLA comes naturally from meat, safflower oil and dairy products, and is claimed to assist with battling cancer. A diet rich in these foods could be enough to get the body the CLA that it needs. However, in regards to the diet supplement form of CLA, it would be nice to see some free product samples of Tonalin CLA provided via the official website, along with a 100% money-back/satisfaction guarantee.

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  • 1

    will it interfere with station drugs?


    Stephen (Editor)

    Hi BC, by “station” do you mean over-the-counter drugs? It’s best your doctor gives the thumbs up to use this product.


  • 2
    Your Name

    Your product CLA Elite 1000 does not work for me. Have tried customer service, can’t understand who’s on the
    other end Trying to get my money back.
    . Sent emails, they don’t get answered..


  • 3
    Brenda Jeter

    I suffer from Hep C and have noticed pain and swelling after 2 weeks of taking.Is this product absorbed by liver? I have had no change in weigh.BooHoo!


  • 4

    Can CLA be taken before getting pregant?


  • 5
    Afatsawo Kofi Lartevi

    I need a heads up from Ashley


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