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Clarinol CLA is a one ingredient weight loss / weight loss maintenance supplement. Created by Lipid Nutrition, the supplement claims to increase the body’s natural ability to reduce body fat and build lean muscle mass. Lipid Nutrition, whose headquarters are located in Wormerverr Netherlands, produces supplements for managing body weight, increasing natural body defenses, improving cardiovascular health, and improving memory. Aside from Clarinol CLA, Lipid Nutrition also produces Marinol, Betapol and Pinnothin.


The only ingredient listed in Clarinol CLA is safflower oil. The product includes 3000 mg of Clarinol per 3 soft gels which claims to provide 2250 mg of Conjugated Linoleic Acid. According to the website, it is suggested the consumer take 3 grams of Clarinol per day which is equivalent to 3 soft gels.

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Clarinol CLA claims the main ingredient, conjugated linoleic acid which is naturally consumed in beef and dairy products, will help the body to increase fat burning and muscle mass. According to Lipid Nutrition, CLA may inhibit fat from entering the fat cells of the body, may stimulate muscle enzymes to increase natural fat burning, and may help keep the fat cells smaller so they will be unable to refill with fat stores.

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  • Clarinol CLA does offer the body a healthy source of conjugated linoleic acid which, in scientific studies, offers the body anti-oxidant properties as well as anti-cancer properties.
  • Scientific research has also supported the claims that CLA helps to reduce overall body fat when consumed at 3.4 grams per day.


  • CLA has been linked to increased insulin levels, particularly in obese or overweight users.
  • CLA has been linked to increased biliary cholesterol levels which can lead to gallstones.
  • Animal studies of CLA have reported controversial results concerning the DHA levels in the brain and the heart. In some animal studies, increased amounts of CLA contributed to early death, decreased DHA levels in the brain, and decreased DHA levels in the heart tissue.
  • Return policies for Clarinol are not made very clear.


While there is scientific evidence that CLA, the only ingredient in Clarinol CLA, does help to reduce body fat and increase muscle mass, the scientific studies have only involved animals. In addition to a lack of human studies, the possible negative effects on the body are supported with as much backing as the positive evidence. The Clarinol CLA website offers testimonials of users losing dramatic amounts of weight over an 8 to 12 week period, when the product was taken in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise regimen but does not offer a control group who practiced the same dietary and activity changes. We would not recommend this product over the competition as it lacks key ingredients for appetite suppression and fat burning.

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    Your Name

    It works for me, my body seems to have more shape and contour but I have coincidentally been using a bust-firming gel as well


  • 2

    i tested clarinol it works best while bulking you get more mass but less fat


  • 3

    can i take 3 capsules in one time ,and at what time beter morning ,lunch or dinner,before or after meal?
    thank you in advance



    its about clarinolxs



    can i take 3 capsules in one time or what time better one morning with breakfast and another one with lunch and other one with dinner ,
    before or during meal


  • 4

    I’ve being taking CLA for now 17 days and lost 15 pounds already



    Hi Cesar. were you following a strict diet with clarinol??


  • 5
    Gharibe Tarras

    What is the composition of Clarinol X5 and howdoes Clarinol work?


  • 6
    tami dickson

    I took Clarinol tablets that were suppose to be CLA only tablets they gave be breathing problems and anxiety so I stopped taking them immmediately. Cheers Tami