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What You Should Know

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Cleanse For Life is an Isagenix liquid supplement for weight loss. The claims may be Isagenix are a bit over the top. Increased energy and weight loss (natural) are two that are concerning. Cleansing may help relive constipation, but there are no stimulants in the ingredient list and no fat burners. How can cleansing the body, essentially increasing urination and bowel movements, increase weight loss?

List of Ingredients

Aloe Vera Leaf, IsaLyte Trace Minerals, Pau d-Arco Inner Bark, Suma Root, Eleutherococcus Senticosus Root Extract, Burdock Root, Fennel Seed, Peppermint Leaf, Licorice Root, Choline Bitartrate, Inositol, Betain HCL, L-Methionine.

Product Features

Aloe vera leaf is a natural laxative. The laxative works in the body to help move feces through the intestines more quickly and out of the body in record time. The body requires digestion and elimination to occur on a specific schedule so vitamins and nutrients can be absorbed from food. After food leaves the stomach, it is not ready to move out of the body immediately and it can take up to 18 hours for digestion to complete. Aloe vera speeds up the process.

Burdock Root, Peppermint Leaf and Licorice Root (diuretics) all work to remove toxins from the body, according to cleansing descriptions. Cleanse For Life described this supplement as a safe, natural weight loss booster, but that is simply not what the ingredient list offers.

Isagenix does not sell Cleanse For Life directly, but dieters can buy 32 ounces of the fluid for $42.00 online. Dieters must consume 16 ounces of Cleanse For Life on cleansing days. One bottle will last two cleanses. Isagenix suggests cleansing once a week and two days, simultaneously, a month.

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  • Complete list of ingredients is found online.
  • Includes sources of vitamin B6 and B12.


  • Niacin may be included to cause a flushing effect.
  • Cleansing is not a healthy part of weight loss.
  • Diuretics can cause unhealthy dehydration.
  • Death has been associated with using diuretics for weight loss and slimming down.
  • Laxatives can be habit forming, even if all-natural.


We are not fans of dieters taking cleansing supplements to lose weight. The fact is, laxatives and diuretics are dangerous and though there is a time and reason to use both, weight loss is not that time or reason. Dieters may look forward to the instant loss on the scale, but the water being move out of the body is going to restore itself in a healthy balance as soon as the cleanse is complete. Cleansers should only be taken for the short period of time to relieve constipation and not to increase weight loss. There are no fat burners in Cleanse For Life or any other cleansing product.

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