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What You Should Know

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CleanseRX is one that can be acquired online through the official website with ease. CleanseRX is a two-step formula that aims to cleanse the user’s body of waste build-up, impurities, and toxins. This can apparently improve the user’s skin tone, boost metabolic rates, minimize gas, enhance liver function, increase energy levels, prevent weight gain, and even reduce water retention. There are positive testimonials from both women and men provided on the official website at this time. CleanseRX supplement system is sold with a 90-day money-back guarantee for those who’re unsatisfied with the results.

List of Ingredients

Six of the active components found in CleanseRX are Senna, Magnesium Carbonate, Vitamin C, Lemon Bioflavonoid, Magnesium Oxide, and Psyllium Husk Powder.

Product Features

CleanseRX is a colon cleansing supplement formula that’s marketed toward both women and men that desire assistance with removing excess waste from the intestinal tract, boosting metabolic rates, improving energy levels, reducing gas, preventing weight gain, and minimizing bloating. A cleaner digestive system will lead to better health overall. Clinical studies have not been provided on the official website. CleanseRX can be acquired directly through the official website for $79.99. You can also buy four systems for $249.99.

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  • This colon cleansing system aims to reduce bloating, minimize gas, boost the user’s metabolism, and even increase energy.
  • CleanseRX is sold conveniently online.
  • Testimonials from past users of this system are posted on the website.


  • The CleanseRX system doesn’t aim to boost thermogenesis within the body.
  • CleanseRX costs $79.99, which is rather high in comparison to many other supplement formulas.
  • There are no significant weight reduction ingredients incorporated into this colon cleansing system.


CleanseRX appears to do the same things as most other “colon cleansing” supplements. Unfortunately there is no clinical proof to support these claims. This product doesn’t have any components that are directly related to weight reduction. In other words, you may want to do a bit more browsing before simply selecting a system such as CleanseRX that sells for a whopping $79.99.

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