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What You Should Know

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Cleansonix is a colon cleansing product that claims to detoxify, cleanse, and purify your body by flushing toxins from the colon. In effect, it’s a laxative. It is made up of a combination of fiber products and a cinnamon extract that form a powder to mix with water.

List Of Ingredients

Cleansonix contains 8 active ingredients. Here’s what the website says about each of them: OatVantage contains concentrated oat soluble fiber, ViscoFiber, is an oat and barley soluble fiber, LinumLife, a a flax ingredient rich in lignans, and Litesse, is a carbohydrate that acts as a prebiotic fiber. Corowise, is used to help reduce cholesterol, clean the liver and improve cardiovascular health and Vita Veggie provides antioxidants, flavonoids and organic acids to aid urinary tract and heart health. Fibersol-2 helps reduce the bacteria in the digestive system, and Cinnulin PF helps lower body fat, enhance lean body mass, and provide antioxidants.

Product Features

This product makes a lot of claims, mostly attributed to ridding waste, including eliminating toxins, parasites, protruding belly, gas, bad breath, skin problems, irregular bowel movements, yeast infections, and acne.

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  • Colon cleansing is good once in a while. We would not recommend using it often.


  • Laxatives are inconvenient and uncomfortable to take and should not be used more often than once in a while. Be prepared to remain very close to the bathroom for an extended period of time.
  • There are no scientific study results on the website to indicate the product has been tested.
  • While using Cleansonix may result in temporary weight loss, you will not lose significant fat, only waste.


This product may help you lose a few pounds by eliminating waste, but it is not a weight loss product or a long-term solution, and some of the other claims seem overblown and unlikely to be typical. The need for this-or any laxative or fiber product-can be eliminated by a good diet packed with natural sources of high-quality fiber, like broccoli, cauliflower, apples, oatmeal, raspberries, nuts and sweet potatoes. We highly recommend getting your fiber in a natural way to avoid the need for this type of product. When you get your fiber through fruits, grains, nuts and vegetables, you also get the vital nutrients that go along with a healthy diet and you’ll lose weight when you eat the right kind of food. Plus, these foods tend to be low in calories, so you can eat lots and never be hungry. If your goal is to lose weight, a good diet, regular exercise, a reliable appetite suppressant and a fat blocker are your best bets. We imagine that Cleansonix can really ruin your weekend.

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