Clear Body Cleanse Review

Editor's Review: 3.2 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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Clear Body Cleanse is a detoxifying health supplement that is marketed to help cleanse the body of toxins. The details of how this product works are not given on the official website, nor are any of the ingredients. Clear Body Cleanse claim to support or seem to contain ingredients that would support weight loss or appetite suppression. The only way to purchase Clear Body Cleanse is to sign up for the “risk-free trial” for $3.95. However, you will be charged $80 for the first month you do not cancel your membership within 17 days, and you will be automatically charged $80 every month after that for new shipments of this product until you cancel your membership.


There is no information available on the official website or any other online resources about how Clear Body Cleanse works. There is also no information available about this company other than the contact information, which gives an address in Pompano Beach, Florida. Clear Body Cleanse is not offered with any satisfation guarantees, and the refund policy is very strict. Refunds are only accepted within 30 days of delivery and repeat refunds are not given. Customers must obtain a return authorization code before returning products, and “return to sender” packages are not refunded. Clear Body Cleanse does not given any warnings for this product.

List of Ingredients

There is no ingredient information for this product available online.


Product Features

Clear Body Cleanse is sold as a colon cleansing health supplement. The website claims it will “flush out pounds”, “relieve constipation and bloating” and “detoxify your body”. There is no clinical evidence for this product. This product costs $80 per monthly bottle, if not canceled within 17 days of initial order. If cancelled within 17 days, it costs $3.95. Ordering the $3.95 sample of this product automatically signs you up for monthly shipments and charges of $80 until you cancel the membership.


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  • There were not any advantages identified with this product.



  • There are no customer testimonials offered on the official website.
  • Clear Body Cleanse cannot be purchased easily from its official website or from other online retailers. It can only be purchased by signing up for monthly charges of $80, which must be cancelled afterward.
  • Since possible side effects of Clear Body Cleanse are not offered on the website, users should carefully research the side effects of each ingredient. However, there are also no ingredients listed on the website, so it is impossible to find out the possible side effects.
  • There refund policy is very strict.
  • There is currently no clinical data to support the health claims of cleansing supplements such as Clear Body Cleanse.
  • Clear Body Cleanse does not seem to promote healthy exercise or eating plans with its product.


Clear Body Cleanse is a cleansing product whose methods and ingredients are not explained in detail or even mentioned online. It can be purchased online for about $80 for a 30-day supply, but purchasing the first bottle signs you up for automatic shipments and charges to your credit card for $80 every month after that. The $3.95 trial offer is only that price if you call to cancel your membership within 17 days of ordering the product. The main disadvantages lie in the fact that the only way to purchase this product automatically signs you up for monthly charges, and that the ingredients and possible side effects for this product are not mentioned on its website.

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