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At the time of writing this review we could not find an official website for the weight loss product ClenBurexin. It does however seem to be sold by a number of online stores, although the product information regarding it is very sparse. We are told by one online shop which sells ClenBurexin that it is manufactured by a company known as American Laboratory Natures Values Inc. The online shops which sell ClenBurexin only give a price for this product in pounds sterling. Unfortunately those that sell ClenBurexin online do not give any ingredient details for this product.


We could not find any ingredient details for this product.

Product Features

ClenBurexin is sold online at a price of £36.21. We are told by those who sell this product that it will assist in weight loss and will also help burn calories in the body. However it is difficult to have confidence in this product as we are given no information to back up the claims made by those who sell it. In addition, is the worrying fact that those who sell ClenBurexin online do not give us any ingredient details. It is impossible to assess a product in an intelligent manner without having any details on the ingredients. It is also imperative that consumers have information regarding ingredients so that they can make an informed choice as to whether or not a product is suitable for them. A number of ingredients in weight loss products have contraindications and it is therefore vital for the health of safety of consumers that they have ingredient information regarding a given product. Furthermore, there does not appear to be any money back guarantee given upon purchase by any of the online shops which sell ClenBurexin.

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  • ClenBurexin is sold by a number of online shops.
  • It can be purchased directly online.
  • Price details are given for this product.


  • There is no official website for this product.
  • Price details for ClenBurexin are only given in pound sterling.
  • We are given absolutely no information by those selling ClenBurexin online to back up claims made for this product.


As things stand at the time of writing this review it is virtually impossible to have confidence in this product. Online information regarding it is very sparse and we are given no details on ingredients in this product. We cannot therefore ascertain for example whether this product may contain dangerous ingredients such as Ephedrine which has been banned by the FDA, but which some manufacturers continue to include in their weight loss products. We cannot recommend this product.

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    According to the bottle, “Do not combine with alcohol.”


  • 2

    can you drink alcahol while taking clenburexin


  • 3

    This sound interesting… But may i ask if this is also safe to use with a bit of heart problem? I dont have highblood, but i have tried a slimming pills & gives me a hard breathing in 30 mins after consumption. A bit of chest pain and really cannot breath properly. Need to burp so i can breath. Is this safe for me as well? Thanks please help me i really want to buy a slimming pills and stay in 1 slimming pills,


  • 4

    Does this work? Started taking ClenBurexin 4 days ago


  • 5

    I have amazing energy after taking ClenBurexin? I am totally happy with this product I have not weighed myself but my clothes are not so tight.


  • 6

    Hallo, i’m writing to you just to provide a bit of info for clenburexin, which i have purchest and waiting for it to arrive. There is the ingridients, which are provided on the websites you buy it from: amount per 4 capsuls is 900mg tyrosine;540mg green tea extract; 500mg bitter orange extract; 200mg caffeina; 900mg yerba mate extract; 200mg panthothenic acid; 140mg hydroxycitric acid; 120mg ginger root; 100mg gayenne pepper; 12mg black pepper extract, hope that is all you wana know, it gives all info online about the product, so you can’t say the info isn’t provided


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    is this safe ?