Clenbutical Review

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The weight loss product Clenbutical is produced by the Company Nutrabolics. We are told that it is a rapid fat loss agent. There is an official website for Clenbutical which gives some product information regarding Clenbutical, as well as, ingredient information. Although the product cannot be ordered directly from the official website, it does provide a link to an online shop which stocks Clenbutical.

List of Ingredients

The ingredients in Clenbutical consist of White Kidney Bean Extract, Citrus Aurantium, Green Tea Extract, Guarana, Coleus Forskohlii, and Cayenne Pepper.

Product Features

Clenbutical can be ordered from online shops at a price of $19.59. Certainly, Green Tea Extract, which is present in this product in one of the most popular ingredients in weight loss products on the market today. White Kidney Bean Extract is also an extremely popular ingredient in weight loss products available for sale. It is said that White Kidney Bean Extract blocks the absorption of starchy foods by the body, such as, pasta and bread and it blocks the action of an enzyme called Alpha Amalyase. Alpha Amalyase breaks down starchy foods into glucose molecules, which are then absorbed by the body, and that by blocking the action of this enzyme, weight loss is more easily achieved. Citrus Aurantium which is present is Clenbutical is also known as Synephrine and Bitter Orange. A number of manufacturers of weight loss products believe Citrus Aurantium to be a safe alternative to Ephedrine.

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  • There is an official website available for Clenbutical.
  • There is a full and comprehensive list of ingredients available for Clenbutical.
  • Clenbutical can be ordered directly online.


  • There is no money back guarantee available upon purchase of Clenbutical.
  • There does not appear to be a money back guarantee upon the purchase of Clenbutical.
  • Some experts believe that Citrus Aurantium which is present in Clenbutical can increase the risk of a stroke.


We are reluctant to recommend products which contain Citrus Aurantium until there is conclusive evidence available that it does not increase the risk of a stroke.

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