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Extremely low calorie diets have often been used as a short-term approach to weight loss. These have included diets such as the grapefruit diet and the cabbage soup diet, both of which have emphasized eating small amounts of low calorie foods in an effort to help stimulate fast weight loss. The Cleveland Clinic three-day diet is one such very low calorie diet, and involves an extremely strict, low-calorie menu over a three day period. Users are required to eat particular foods at particular times, and will consume between 600 and 1100 calories per day on this diet.

List Of Ingredients

A strict menu plan is provided, and includes ingredients such as grapefruit, tune, toast, apples, beets, eggs, bananas, crackers, broccoli, cabbage, and cheese, and melons.

Product Details

There are a number of different books and guides containing meal plans for the Cleveland Clinic 3-Day Diet. This diet is also known as the Army Diet, the Navy Diet, and the Kaiser Diet. Users are required to follow a strict, very low-calorie diet plan for a 72 hour period after which it is claimed they will have lost significant amounts of weight.

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  • Users may temporarily lose water weight
  • The program encourages users to consume fairly healthy and natural foods


  • This program encourages dangerously low levels of calorie consumption
  • The product is unlikely to result in long-term weight loss


The Cleveland Clinic 3-Day Diet, which is also known by a variety of other names, including the Navy 3-Day Diet, and the Army 3-Day Diet, is an extremely restrictive calorie-controlled diet requiring users to stick to an extremely limited menu, and to consume extremely low levels of calories. Even on a short-term basis, diets such as these can be dangerous, and over the long-term, can result in extremely dangerous side effects associated with muscle breakdown and vitamin deficiencies. While such a diet may temporarily result in weight loss due to the flushing of water and fluids from the bodies, this weight will be automatically be regained once a dieter begins eating normally once more. These sorts of extreme diets, which in some cases provide users with less than half of the calories required to meet simple subsistence levels, should not be attempted without strict medical supervision or under a doctor’s suggestion. These sorts of diets can be extremely dangerous to one’s health in both the short and long term, and we would strongly advise against any users undertaking such extreme efforts in order to temporarily lose weight. A healthy diet comprising a mix of nutritious foods combined with a careful exercise plan is a much better approach to losing weight in a long-term, sustainable manner.

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    I went on the 3-day diet and lost 32lbs. in 9 weeks. If you watch what you eat on the days you aren’t on the diet it works out super! Easiest ever!



    I have just one month before serious surgery in Boston.. So far this is the only diet that is getting some weight off. Glad u had great luck. Mary