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Clif Bar Incorporated is an American company that deals in the production of energy bars as well as other foods all targeted to people that lead physically active lifestyles. Clif Bar is the firm’s flagship product created by owner Gary Erickson back in 1992. The location of the company is in Berkeley, California. The product was developed as an added option to the available energy bars in the market, which encompass a rather poor taste. Clif Bar uses non toxic packages and also eliminates the shrink wrap. The packaging color for Clif Bars is low-key, further stressing earth tones. Rather than the commonly used plastic, foil is used in making Clif Bars and organic ingredients comprise 70% of the product.

The website does not provide any information on weight loss or weight maintenance. The Clif bar online site is user friendly, however, with interactive videos and product packaging.


The Ingredients in the Clif Bars will vary based on the flavor of the bar. The organic ingredients used include rolled oats, roasted Soya beans and organic honey. All bars have high carbohydrates contents.

Product Features

The energy bars from Clif Bar normally provide a moderate and sustained increase in the levels of blood sugar, which is crucial for the enhancement of athletic performance. Non athletes that eat Clif Bars expect their energy boosts to be sustained during busy weekends and hectic workdays. Clif Bars contain organic almonds, meaning that the organic part is grown without fertilizers, bug killers, hormones, biotechnology and antibiotics.

Clif Bars are snack bars containing elevated levels of carbohydrates, natural energy and nutrition. They are mostly aimed at busy people and sports enthusiasts. Flavors include chocolate chip, Almond Fudge and cream and cookies. Due to the unique needs that women have, nutritionally, an additional Clif Bar, known as the Luna Bar was introduced mostly due to consumer input. The original flavors of Luna bars included the Chocolate Pecan Pie and Lemon Zest. Clif bars are energy bars containing an icing drizzle of chocolate, a shot of caffeine. The Clif shot is an energy boosting gel used for activities requiring endurance.

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  • Eating organic food is healthy.
  • The brand name is well known.
  • The bar includes vitamins and minerals essential to daily life.


  • High levels of carbohydrates.
  • High calorie content.
  • Organic ingredients raise the price of the bar.


The Clif Bar is high in calories and carbohydrates. For someone trying to lose weight these calories may actually lead to weight gain unless the product is used as a meal replacement bar. The high carbohydrate levels may cause a spike in glucose followed by a huge dip causing increased hunger.

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25 User Reviews about Clif Bar

  • 1

    I’ve experienced the same problem. I LOVE CLIFF BARS, and all I ate yesterday for breakfast and lunch was about 4 cliff bars. Roaring headache today… So, I looked at the package for the first time, and there it was!! Gluconate. Copper gluconate and manganese gluconate. AKA: Glutamic acid. AKA MSG. These essential nutrients break down to Glutamic acid which is the element in Monosodium Glutamate that gives me roaring headaches. Research MSG and similarly, aspartame, which breaks down to asparatic acid and causes headaches. Man. I love these things and I can’t eat them. :(


  • 2

    If I’m not mistaken caffeine is an ingredient in Clif bars. This would explain why some people have developed migranes after consumption. Similar to how some people develop migraines after eating chocolate.


  • 3

    I been eating 2 chocolate mint bars a day and I experience migraines everyday, and I’m not allergic to nuts, I hope my body will get use to soon. if it does not stop in a week I will have to switch to a different protein bar.


  • 4

    I had two migrains in a 15 day period while eating cliff bars. I hadn’t had one in over eight months.


  • 5

    these are so good i eat about 5-10 per day. the mint ones are the best!



    You eat 5-10 per day? Not to sound harsh but that seems a bit too much; don’t you think? Do you eat anything else besides that


  • 6

    These Clif Bars are so nasty! Dry, overly sweet, pasty tasting. Had one because of super low blood sugar one day and as hungry as I was couldn’t eat this disgusting bar! Yuk.


  • 7

    Hi, I got a very bad migraine followed by throwing up from one (I believe the migraine led to the nausea, not the bar itself). It also triggered body pain before the headache. Nothing in the ingredient list that I normally react to. I eat lots of nuts.



    Soy… It can cause migraines for some people.


    Your Name

    I had to go to hospital! After eating 1/2 cliff bar, i had huge headache following up with vomiting. Ended at the emergency. They were suspicious of brain aneurysm! They take ct scans and i had to decide rather to have a spinal cord tap test or not, for 2% death possibility!!! I did all the tests and thankfully all is well. It scared the hell out of me! I was just going through what might be a trigger and saw these reviews here! I am so angry!


    Your Name

    and i am not allergic to anything in the ingredients, i had never had such migraines or headaches. Those should be banned!

  • 8

    … Kef u eat six meals a day?? why.



    because you are supposed to eat 6 small meals a day not three big ones or just one or just lettuce. Three small days helps regulate your systems, accellerate your metabolism and helps you plan for better choices. Not large meals portion size and healthy food is the key.


  • 9

    I eat these as meal replacements, usually one or two a day (out of six or so meals). Except for the carrot cake flavor, which is way too sweet, these are all really good. Even better microwaved, btw; the oatmeal raisin and choc. chip ones taste just like fresh cookies.


  • 10

    Has anyone experienced migraines after eating these?



    No, but it makes me poop three times a day.



    That explains why I’ve been pooping more, I just started eating about one a day a week ago and I’ve noticed I really nice start to my metabolism


    Jacob Clagg

    If you are having migrains, then you might have an allergy to nuts of some kind. Most of the Clif Bars have peanut flavor and i believe all have almonds. aka lots of nuts


  • 11

    I’m trying to figure Weight Watcher points on your delicious bar..can you give me cal, fat, fiber, etc. on the peanut butter and the chocolate mint? Thanks!


  • 12

    i absolutly love these! they have 10 grams of protein and the chocolat chip ones taste really good.i would highly recomend it.
    (i eat them for breakfest)


  • 13
    Jill Hudson

    these are great. they provide a high amount of protein and satisfy you for a meal replacment.


  • 14

    what are the psychological effects of this product?


    Troll Buster

    On the physiological side: these bars give you somehting somewhat crunchy to munch on, they were filling (before being shrunk in size) and mentally it gives you that “i’m satisfied” thought and feelin’. So, like someone mentioned in a comment below, they were great for meal replacements because you dod’t feel like you were starving. Now you may actually feel hunger pangs with their smaller size. Plus i guess i have a mouse complex, i have to be munching on something sometimes…oral fixation??? probably…plus the chewing effect gives you some weird sense of comfort…hey, that was my reaction…again before they shrunk the danged bars….i am fixated on the shrinkage factor……LOL


  • 15

    what are the physiological effects of this product?



    i’ve noticed some green poop before… i think it’s becuase i was eating too many of them.