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Clipper Green Tea is a category on the Clipper Tea website. The company specializes in various types of tea, but green tea is the biggest category for the dieter who wants to lose weight and increase metabolism. Green tea is clinically proven to boost metabolism even if it is decaffeinated, which makes it probably the most important supplement a dieter can take. While it is hard to consume enough green tea with tea bags to affect weight loss, drinking green tea in addition to taking a fat burner with green tea will increase the amount of green tea in your body and may boost the function of the green tea in your fat burner. Green tea also tastes great and Clipper Green Tea is available in lots of flavors.

List of Ingredients


  • Green Teas in multiple flavors and styles.

Product Features

If you’re looking for some authentic green tea in a variety of flavors and styles, Clipper Green Tea may be a good choice, but only if you live in England. The Clipper Tea company offers Chai, Aloe Vera, Nettle, Peppermint, Ginseng, Gingko, Echinacea, Manuka Honey, Sencha and Jasmine Green Tea, just to name a few. The prices are extremely affordable and the company offers more than just Clipper Green Tea. You can find cake recipes, chances to win free stuff and tea themed gifts for the tea love in your life.

Clipper Green Tea does not mention weight loss in any of the tea descriptions. There are no clinical studies listed on the Clipper website supporting tea’s many health benefits. But, Clipper Tea doesn’t have to prove green tea works because the entire world already knows it works.

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  • Clipper Green Tea is offered in multiple flavors.
  • The flavors from Clipper Green Tea are unique.
  • The company offers cheaper prices compared to other prominent tea companies.
  • Green tea is proven to boost metabolism and increase weight loss with regular use.


  • Clipper Green Tea may not be available for shipment to the United States.
  • International shipping may be very expensive.
  • There is no mention of weight loss or metabolism boost in any of the product descriptions.


Clipper Green Tea is a neat company with a cute website. The company sells lots of green tea flavors that we don’t commonly see in the United States like Aloe and Nettle. The green tea sold by Clipper will not likely boost weight loss dramatically, but if the green tea from Clipper, or any other company, is consumed with a healthy diet and exercise program, it could help boost weight loss and energy.

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