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The Coconut Diet is a weight loss plan suitable for men, women and children alike. As the official website states, “This is not a mere diet plan, but rather a way of life.” Basically this system is based on the fats people consume and on the principle that these are “unhealthy.” The Coconut Diet offers fats from natural coconut oil, which is claimed to be very healthy and nourishing. The official websites talks about how coconut oil can assist people with weight reduction, and also with achieving healthy and vibrant skin, as well as preventing many common health afflictions that are thought to be cause by a poor diet. There are testimonials for the Coconut Diet offered on the official website.

The primary ingredient offered in the Coconut Diet plan is all-natural coconut oil. The official website states that people living in tropical areas have been aware of the benefits of coconut oil for many years. In return, this has supposedly helped them with their skin, weight management and overall health. The Coconut Diet is also aimed at assisting users with thyroid conditions, digestive health, diabetes, common viruses and cholesterol levels. There are coconut recipes offered on the official website pertaining to the Coconut Diet. A book entitled “Virgin Coconut Oil” is recommended on the official website and sells for $13. There doesn’t appear to be any actual supplements available with the Coconut Diet plan. The website does offer a general forum for users.

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The Coconut Diet is a weight loss plan/way of life that involves the regular consumption of coconuts or coconut oil. This diet plan is geared towards all people, regardless of age or gender. There are no specific supplements or fitness routines involved with the Coconut Diet. There doesn’t appear to be any clinical data posted on the official website that supports the effectiveness of the Coconut Diet for weight reduction. The Coconut Diet consists of recipes and regular eating habits. Basically, under the guidelines of this diet, all-natural coconut oil is incorporated into foods and this is claimed to assist with weight loss, thyroid conditions, skin care, digestive health, diabetes, common viruses and cholesterol levels.

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  • The Coconut Diet does not involve any potentially harmful diet drugs.
  • There are recipes for the Coconut Diet available on the official website.
  • There are testimonials for the Coconut Diet posted on the website.


  • The Coconut Diet does not incorporate any appetite suppressants.
  • A specific fitness regimen is not recommended on the official website.
  • The Coconut Diet is not suitable for individuals that have allergies to coconut oil.
  • The Coconut Diet does not involve any fat burners.
  • The Coconut Diet requires a rather drastic lifestyle change, which may not be acceptable for all dieters.


Overall, the Coconut Diet is certainly an interesting diet plan. In comparison to many other weight loss supplements, programs and pills currently on the market, the Coconut Diet only really promotes the use of coconut oil. Unfortunately, this weight reduction plan or lifestyle will not be suitable for all individuals, who may prefer a more simple weight loss supplement such as a convenient capsule or drink. The Coconut Diet would be more effectively presented on the official website if there were some actual clinical evidence posted to support its effectiveness concerning weight loss. After all, fad diets come and go, and it would be reassuring to know this one was here to stay.

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7 User Reviews about Coconut Diet

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    The coconut is so easy! There is no restrictions, only eat in moderation (which we all need to do). The only requirement is to eat coconut oil (4 TBS) daily. It takes some getting used to the taste and consistency, but it becomes easy and natural. The energy I feel is great! It is so EASY! No drugs! Only natural.


  • 2

    I have not been able to lose 1 lb with calorie restriction, exercise , walking…until I started oil pulling and using coconut oil daily. I lost 3 lbs the first week. I will get the book and start the diet.


  • 3

    This review is wrong. If they had read the book or knew anything about coconut oil they would know that it is a natural fat burner and appetite suppressant. It is a very drastic lifestyle change, but unless you are willing to change forever you are never going to see permanent results.
    The good thing about using coconut oil is it works not only as a fat burner and appetite suppressant but it also curbs your cravings for junk food, simple carbohydrates, and sugar.
    Read the book, though! If you start the diet without reading it you may be alarmed by some of the initial side effects. This is called the herxheimer syndrome, is temporary, and is simply your body getting rid of all the built up junk.
    My whole life I have eaten relatively healthy and exercised fairly regularly. After the birth of my first child I was struggling with about 30 extra pounds and it wasn’t going anywhere. I started this diet and, voila! It was like magic. I lost 8.6 pounds in the first week, which, like most diets, is usually a lot of water weight. After that it slowed down a little, but I still managed to lose almost 35 pounds in 3 months.

    I can’t wait until I’m done breastfeeding (now my second child, and I am only 3 pounds away from pre-pregnancy weight!) so I can do the cleansing phases of the diet. I have never read a diet book with so much wisdom and effective ways to change your life permanently.



    I read your story and could have wrote it myself – I had my son and since cannot get this last 30lbs off. What is the name of the book?



    I agree completely. Eat Fat Loose Fat is the book.


  • 4

    How long before I see any loss weight results?



    hey umm this may be wierd but I have a friend name veronica.. is your last name Vergara?