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Code Nutrition uses DNA testing to suggest supplements, diet and exercise for weight loss and improved health. The dieter must submit a DNA sample to the company. The sample is tested and a personalized report created. The report includes a list of suggested supplements, a diet profile and exercise tips. A code nutritionist must be contacted for more information on the program. The pricing page does not list current prices for DNA testing or supplements. We assume pre-formulated supplements are used and that each personalized profile simply utilizes the Code Nutrition brand of supplements. The package includes supplements with the DNA profile.

List of Ingredients

Diet, exercise and supplement suggestions based on DNA testing.

Product Features

Code Nutrition believes each person’s genetic make-up and the way they digest foods is an important part of overall health and diet. After paying the Code Nutrition fee, which is not revealed on the official website, the dieter receives a swab kit. The swab is swiped on the inside of the cheek and sent back to the company. Within two to three weeks, a personalized plan and custom supplements are sent back. The supplements used by Code Nutrition include B vitamins for energy support, cholesterol management, omega 3 fatty acids, bone support and antioxidant support. Most of the supplements are found over the counter in a local supermarket or vitamin store. No proven weight loss supplements like green tea or caffeine are used in Code Nutrition supplements.

The program is likely more expensive than other weight loss programs. During the two to three week wait, the average dieter could lose 10 pounds or more through healthy eating, exercise and supplementation. There are no clinical studies listed on the website regarding supplements used by Code Nutrition. There isn’t even a section explaining why they choose the supplements for the program.

The Code Nutrition website lacks basic information the dieter needs to decide whether to try the program or not. Pricing is the most important part of any weight loss program and there are no prices listed on Code Nutrition.

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  • May help a dieter better understand how their body reacts to food.
  • Customized supplements, diet and exercise.


  • No proven weight loss supplements.
  • Program pricing is missing from the official website.
  • There is no mention of how long the program lasts or how long supplements are used.
  • No testimonials with before and after photos.


Code Nutrition presents a unique concept in weight loss, but there is basic information lacking from the website. The dieter needs details like pricing information before choosing the program for weight loss and improved health. If there is no code nutritionist in the local area, the dieter cannot follow the program.

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