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Coffee Shape is a green coffee-based weight loss supplement that claims to be more effective at increasing weight loss than standard coffee. However, the sachet that includes the green coffee bean extract also contains coffee – so there must be some reason for drinking coffee anyway. Green coffee bean extract supplies all the good parts of the coffee without the negative side effects, according to companies selling supplements containing the extract. There is chlorogenic acid in green coffee beans and there is some significant research on the impact of chlorogenic acid on weight loss – so the dieter may see some benefit, but we have some issues with Coffee Shape as a whole.

List of Ingredients


  • Green Coffee Beans
  • Arabica Coffee

Product Features

When we look at a weight loss supplement, we look for more than just clinical studies and effective ingredients. We look for an affordable price, testimonials, before and after photos and a complete list of ingredients.

Coffee Shape does not offer a clear list of ingredients. We looked through the whole website and we found mention of two ingredients, but the amounts of those ingredients is unknown. It doesn’t matter that the supplement includes proven ingredients if there is not enough of those ingredients to matter.

Next is the lack of testimonials, reviews or customer interaction. You can sell a product all day long, but if there are no words from the customers who’ve purchased the supplement the dieter is not going to trust the company. What if the company takes people’s money and sends them some coffee bag with nothing more than instant coffee. We need to see the results of using the supplement.

Finally, paying $35 for two weeks of a supplement is not realistic if we cannot see how it works. At the time of our review there was a huge message on the purchase page claiming the product is out of stock as of April 2012.

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  • Contains chlorogenic acid – maybe.
  • The product is available for sale online.


  • The only means of purchasing is through a Paypal checkout.
  • The product is out of stock.
  • May not contain enough green coffee beans to make a difference to the dieter.
  • No designated ingredient list.


Coffee Shape does not support the product they are trying to sell with facts and a solid consumer base. We want reviews and testimonials. We want to hear how the supplement worked for dieters. Not to mention the fact that we want a product that is available for sale.

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    I saw they have relaunched and new stock has arrived from Australia. I did reach out to them and they have confirmed the pricing is now lower and that there will be no more out of stock issues. My wife has used and continues to use Coffee Shape and is very happy with the results. I actually drink it too!