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What You Should Know

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Colivex is made by Xtalabs, a mysterious company with an elusive online presence. According to information found on an auction website, Colivex is designed primarily as a colon cleanser and is not reall an appetite suppressant or other kind of diet supplement. The theory behind this supplement is that to lose weight, one must keep the digestive system in peak health to effectively process fat and waste from the body. Xtalabs recommends that you combine Colivex with a thermogenic for maximum results. Of course, the company has its own supplement that is supposed to work very well with Colivex. The company offers a money back guarantee, which is valid after you have used the product for 30 days, but before you reach the 60-day mark.

List of Ingredients

Since we were unable to find an official company website, we were also unable to locate a complete ingredient listing for Colivex. Some of the ingredients we did find include Glucomannan, Cape Aloe, Cascara Sagrada, Butternut Bark, Dandelion Bark, Licorice Root, Ginger Root, Milk Thistle and Golden Seal. While most of these ingredients appear fairly safe, there are a substantial amount of substances to treat constipation. And since we are unsure if this listing is complete, there is concern over other ingredients in the formula that we may not be aware of. It is always wise to check a full ingredient list before taking any medication or supplement to ensure that there will not be any interaction or allergy issues.

Glucomannan seems as if it would be fairly effective at relieving constipation and is generally free of harmful side effects. Cape aloe is a bitter herb that has been used for centuries for irregularity and constipation. It is also a natural source of amino acids, which are thought to be helpful in the weight loss process. Cascara sagrada has also been used for generations to treat problems in the bowels and constipation. And ginger root has long been thought to benefit the digestive system and relieve issues like nausea, motion sickness and morning sickness. Butternut bark is often used as a natural laxative, and dandelion has been used for both digestive problems and as a diuretic.

Product Features

Without a company website, we were unable to find any information about customer testimonials or clinical studies done on the product. We find this to be somewhat alarming, since these are the facts that will testify to both the effectiveness and the safety of the product.

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  • Lists many ingredients that are known to be beneficial for the digestive system.
  • Provides a money back guarantee.


  • No official company website that we could find.
  • We are unsure whether the ingredient list provided was complete.
  • No clinical studies or client testimonials are available.
  • This appears to be more of an digestive aid than a supplement intended for weight loss.


While Colivex does seem to provide many ingredients beneficial to the digestive system overall, without a company website, clinical studies and complete ingredient list, we feel it is “buyer beware” with this product. Based on the ingredients that we did find, Colivex seems to be more of a diuretic sysmte “cleanser” than a supplement intended to promote weight loss. Use with caution, and preferably with your doctor’s okay.

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    on my second batch. I was diagnosed with severe IBS and read about colon cleansers. I am pleased with colivex, it’s better for me than anything the doc prescribed. Have also lost half a stone in weight