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Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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The maker of Collabiril is Spring Valley Premium Nutraceuticals. The play on the word pharmaceuticals implies that their products are all natural, and that Collabiril is an all natural weight loss supplement. While containing all natural ingredients is certainly a good thing, it is not unusual in the diet pill industry. Instead of the usual appetite suppressant, this product binds the fat you eat. While this is an intriguing approach, it does not actually make you feel less hungry and therefore you are likely to eat as much as before your diet. If you are eating a large amount of food, but only minimal amounts of fat, this product will not work very well because it actually binds to the fat in the food and moves it out of the digestive tract so it does not have time to be absorbed by the body.

The manufacturer offers an automatic home renewal service that automatically bills you for your monthly shipment and sends it out on a regular basis. This allows the consumer to receive their diet pills without having to make any effort. Unfortunately, if the dieter decides the pills are not working for them they do have to make sure to cancel the subscription before it renews in order to prevent additional charges.

List of Ingredients

There are only four ingredients in Collabiril: gymenema sylvestre, chitosan, garcinia cambogia, and vitamin C.

Product Features

Chitosan is the key ingredient in Collabiril. It is supposed to bind with fat and help flush it through your system. Unfortunately chitiosan has been known to cause side effects such as gas and diarrhea. Gymnema sylvestre has been shown to reduce cravings for sweets, however, it works most effectively with other ingredients.

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  • No special diet required.
  • Vitamin C included in the product.
  • Removes ingested fat from body.


  • Chitosan is known to have negative side effects.
  • Expensive.
  • Limited ingredient list.
  • No money back guarantee.
  • Shipping is not included in the purchase price.
  • No exorcise or diet plan included.
  • No research to support claims.


Collabiril sounds like a great pill. Eat whatever you want and all of the fat will be whisked away by the fat binding ingredient chitosan. Unfortunately, documentation is not readily available proving the claims and consumer response has been less than stellar. The most common complaint about this product is that consumers are still hungry and found it difficult to reduce their intake and felt that was impeding their weight loss efforts. When you combine this with the no money back guarantee and the high monthly cost, it is not the best option on the market.

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