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What You Should Know

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Colo Cleanse Max is an affiliate colon cleansing product that is no longer for sale. All links for the supplement lead to other weight loss and product offer websites. Colo Cleanse Max is one of the few affiliate products with a list of ingredients available online. There are two supplements included in the supplement pack. One is for colon cleansing – the other is a detox supplement.

List of Ingredients

Colon Cleanser: Fennel Seed, Cascara Sagrada, Goldenseal, Ginger Root, Psyllium Bark, Buckthorn Bark, Licorice Root, Rhubarb and proprietary ingredients.

Detox: Psyllium Husk and proprietary ingredients.

Product Features

There is a proprietary blend in both the colon cleanser and detox portion of the Colo Cleanse Max supplement. The ingredients in the proprietary blend are not revealed so the dieter should not take this supplement. Any company selling a supplement with unknown ingredients is trying to hide something and that something could cause negative side effects.

Cascara sagrada is a natural laxative that works by increasing bowel movements. Laxatives should be used occasionally to relieve constipation, not as a part of a weight loss program. Weight loss resulting from laxatives is due to water loss. Laxatives pull water from the body to lubricate the intestines. Dehydration and rebound constipation can easily occur when taking laxatives.

Psyllium bark and buckthorn bark also have diuretic and laxative qualities. Psyllium is generally considered a healthy source of fiber, but in Colo Cleanse Max, it is used for its laxative qualities.

Moving on to the detox portion of Colo Cleanse Max, psyllium comes into play again. Doubling up on fiber may be great for intestinal health, but the human body cannot jump into increasing fiber intake without gas and bloating. It takes time to add small amounts of fiber to the diet for optimal health benefits without the negative side effects.

Colo Cleanse Max has no official website so no pricing information is available.

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  • Psyllium is a healthy source of fiber.
  • Some ingredients are listed online.


  • Colo Cleanse Max is no longer available online.
  • Some of the ingredients are unknown.
  • The product is not likely to cause lasting weight loss.
  • Cascara sagrada is not safe for use long-term.
  • Could cause bloating and gas.
  • Natural laxatives can cause the body to require laxative for a regular bowel movement.


Colo Cleanse Max combined two supplements taken at bedtime to cleanse the colon and detox the body. The product is no longer available for sale from the affiliate links provided online. There is no official website for the product. Dieters should never take a supplement that refuses to reveal all ingredients as these ingredients could be linked to negative side effects or interaction with prescription medications.

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