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What You Should Know

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Every day, another weight loss or colon cleansing supplement fades away with a ton of affiliate links left on the Internet to throw people off. Cologenix is just one of these supplements. Very little is known about the product, but from what we can tell it is no longer available for sale. The description for Cologenix claims dieters could boost weight loss with a flush or cleanse before starting a new diet or exercise plan. This is a common belief that we don’t support, but also one that many dieters choose to follow. Cologenix, no matter the ingredients, is a cleanse and will not boost weight loss.

List of Ingredients

There are no known ingredients listed for Cologenix. All-natural is used several times in Internet descriptions. Psyllium Husk and Cascara Sagrada is mentioned on some websites.

Product Features

The interesting part of online affiliate programs are the left over links attached to articles and blog posts. When researching Cologenix, we found more than 100 websites that included a link through various affiliate networks to a website that was either no longer valid or representing another product all together.

We did find several complaints on consumer complaint boards. Customers were complaining of Cologenix taking their money but never delivering a product at all. Some consumers complained that the credit card was billed several times. Cologenix was offering a free 15 days trial that ended in a charge of nearly $88 on the credit card. By the time the consumers received the product, the 15 days were up and the credit card was charged.

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  • Plenty of websites selling the good about Cologenix.


  • No ingredient list.
  • Product may not longer be available.
  • Affiliate links with no product or website at the other end.
  • Consumer complaints against the company.
  • No word about where the manufacturer has gone.
  • Colon cleansing will not improve weight loss.


There is only one thing to say about a product that seems to have disappeared from the Internet – do not buy the product if offered. There is a chance that Cologenix will come back at some point with a whole new, improved formula, but it will still be a colon cleansing supplement. Colon cleansing is reserved for constipation and other problems of the gastrointestinal system, not weight loss.

What dieters can look for in a proven weight loss supplement is green tea, chromium and caffeine. These ingredients are proven and when added in just the right amounts, safe for all dieters to take. Dieters should also look for good customer service reviews, positive testimonials and a good record with the Internet Better Business Bureau. A clinical study linked to offline, verifiable medical journals is another huge plus.

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