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What You Should Know

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Colon Lipo is a colon cleansing and detox supplement that claims to rid the body of toxic materials linked to weight gain, bad breath and disease. There is no official website, but links from affiliate sellers leads to another colon-cleansing product with the same label. There are no ingredients listed on any website or on the product page for the new supplement. We did find reference to herbs, fibers and probiotics. These are common ingredients in colon cleansing supplement. What does set Colon Lipo apart is the fact that several consumer complaints have been filed on the company for stealing money from buyer bank accounts.

List of Ingredients

Fibers, Herbs and Probiotics.

Product Features

Colon cleansers like Colon Lipo typically contain the same ingredients – natural laxatives, diuretics and fiber. In this case, probiotics are also included, but they will have no effect on intestinal health. Probiotics need to be supplemented after a colon cleanse. The ingredients included to cleanse will wash the probiotics right out of the intestines.

Without a formal ingredient list, there is little to go on – but we do have many consumer complaints of theft. According to consumers, Colon Lipo is advertised with a free trial for $6.95 shipping and handling. When the consumer orders the free trial, the shipping and handling charge is applied to the credit card along with another charge. This second charge varies from $99 to $102 dollars. Supposedly, the second charge is for the product, but the free trial has not yet lapsed.

Other consumers complain about never receiving the Colon Lipo shipment at all. Customer service email addresses are not valid and the phone numbers provided are never manned with customer service personnel. Some charges come from Youth Nutrition and others from Alegiance Services Limited. Sometimes Colon Lipo is sold as a package with an acai cleanse product.

Consumers should be wary of any supplement that refuses to list ingredients and even more wary of companies with complaints on product review boards online.

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  • None.


  • No list of ingredients in Colon Lipo.
  • Several consumer complaints about stolen money.
  • Consumers rarely receive products.
  • Could contain harmful ingredients.


Colon cleansers have somehow made their way into the weight loss industry. While colon cleansers can help relieve occasional constipation, there is no proven link between colon cleansing and weight loss. Dieters should never taken products with natural laxatives for an extended time. The colon can grow lazy causing addiction to laxatives. Colon Lipo is a particularly dangerous product because the dieter has no idea what ingredients are in the supplement and the company selling the supplement is associated with consumer complaints for theft and fraud.

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