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What You Should Know

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Colon XR is a colon cleansing product. This product is like so many others on the market today. The website promoting the Colon XR product does not disclose any ingredient information or who they truly are. All of this information found for Colon XR either is very vague or leads only to a dead link. At the time of this review there was very little information that could be verified for Colon XR. The official website from which consumers were to get their free trial was an inactive website. There were also other websites claiming to promote Colon XR that only sent consumers to the website of another colon cleansing product.


The ingredients list for Colon XR was not disclosed on any website at the time of this review. There was a number of websites which claimed that Colon XR contained only natural ingredients, but with out an ingredients list from the manufacturer this information could not be confirmed.

Product Features

Colon XR is another product in the vast field of weight loss and colon cleansing products. This product claims to be an all natural product that can cleanse the colon naturally and gently. The official website claims that there are no negative side effects associated with Colon XR. It does not provide any scientific evidence to prove the effectiveness or safety of this product. This product does not have a disclosed ingredients list. The official website claims it is only made from all natural ingredients but with out a complete ingredients list this cannot be confirmed. The links associated with Colon XR are also all dead web links. The official website leads consumers to believe that by clicking on a link they will be taken to a site to obtain a free trial offer and to order Colon XR, these links were not functioning at the time of this review. There are other websites which claim to be able to provide a link to obtain Colon XR free for a trial offer, but these sites no longer take consumers to Colon XR product website but to other product websites instead.

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  • Not Applicable.


  • Colon XR does not have a trusted website from which can be purchased.
  • Links associated with Colon XR are no longer available.
  • There is not a complete list of ingredients available for Colon XR.


Consumer should be ware of any p[product which does not have an official website from which the product can be purchased. There is a lot of vague information available for Colon XR, but there is not any scientific evidence to prove the effectiveness or safety of Colon XR. There is not a complete or even partial list of ingredients for Colon XR. If a consumer could find Colon XR the lack of information provided by the manufacturer should make one think twice before trusting this product.

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