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Colon Xtra Cleanse is another colon cleansing supplement designed to help consumers eliminate excess waste in their digestive system leaving them feeling better and lighter. The idea behind the colon cleansing fade is that by eliminating toxins consumers have a renewed energy and at the same time they lose weight from the elimination of excess waste and the elimination of water weight. Colon Xtra Cleanse is just one of the colon cleansing products on the market. Here we will take a look to see what is in this dietary supplement which can assist consumers in losing weight and feeling great.


Colon Xtra Cleanse is a two part supplement the first part of this supplement contains Slippery Elm, Aloe Leaf, White Oak Bark, Blue Vervain, Gentian, and Goldenseal. The ingredients used in the second half of this colon cleansing formula include Fennel, Ginger, Dandelion, Hawthorne Berries, Yarrow Flower, Skullcap, Alfalfa, Cranberry, Fenugreek, Iodine and Calcium.

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Colon Xtra Cleanse is a two part dietary supplement designed to eliminate toxins and build ups in the digestive track and lymphatic systems. This is more than just a colon cleanser the first part of this formula has the ingredients we commonly find in herbal products which promise to relieve constipation. Slippery Elm and Aloe Leaf are common ingredients in colon cleansing formulas. These products are no surprise. The second part of Colon Xtra Cleanse contains diuretics and other ingredients used to eliminate excess water weight and to also calm the stomach. This may be an indicator that these supplements may cause nausea and other stomach ache issues. Colon cleansing treatments are known to eliminate excess waste from the colon but the also strip the digestive system of good bacteria responsible for a healthy colon. Colon Xtra Cleanse does not seem to contain any ingredient to replace these probiotics to the digestive system. The cost of Colon Xtra Cleanse is not expensive but will not provide a significant amount of weight lose which it claims it can do.

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  • Colon Xtra Cleanse contains two parts which can provide temporary weight loss to consumers.


  • Colon Xtra Cleanse does not contain probiotics.
  • Colon Xtra Cleanse does not contain fat burners or appetite suppressants to promote significant weight loss.


Colon Xtra Cleanse is a colon cleansing formula which contains a two part system. The first can eliminate excess waste from the colon, while the other has a diuretic effect. This appears to be a sound colon cleansing formula, but it will not provide a significant weight loss like it promises it can. It will also leave the consumer without the needed probiotics for a healthy digestive system. Consumers looking for a product to produce significant weight loss they should look for a product that assists with burning fat and controlling hunger. It is important to choose a trusted product. Consumer should look for positive reviews and clinical studies backing the weight loss effects of the product.

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