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Colon Zen is another colon cleansing formula in a long list of colon cleansing supplements. Colon Zen does not appear to have any miracle effects on the colon that other less expensive colon cleansing treatments do not offer. Colon Zen has several websites dedicated to selling this product, but all of them claim to offer a free trial offer of Colon Zen until the consumer clicks on the link. The links always takes consumers to other websites for other colon cleansing treatments and not the one they are looking for, Colon Zen.


Looking for the list of ingredients included in Colon Zen has proven to be rather difficult. There does not seem to be any where on the internet which contains the ingredient list for Colon Zen.

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Consumers should be very leery of Colon Zen. This dietary supplement does not appear to be on the up and up with consumers. While there are several websites dedicated to complaints about Colon Zen there does not appear to be a website which provides valuable information about Colon Zen. The idea behind a colon cleanser is to eliminate toxins from the body by excreting excess waste and flushing the digestive system. This can be a valuable process for those who have had serious digestive issues. This can also rid the body of good bacteria needed to support a healthy digestive system. There is mention on some of the Colon Zen websites of these important probiotics but the information for Colon Zen does not confirm that Colon Zen contains probiotics. It is also concerning that the free trial offer for Colon Zen takes consumers to another colon cleansing product website. It is said by third party websites that Colon Zen retails for $90 but at the time of this review their was no pricing information available for Colon Zen leaving consumers to wonder if this product is even still available.

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  • Colon Zen could help consumers eliminate excess waste from the digestive system.


  • Colon Zen does not have a dedicated website from which it can be ordered.
  • The cost of Colon Zen is rather expensive for a colon cleansing product.
  • Colon Zen does not disclose a full list of ingredients for this product.
  • The information available for Colon Zen is very limited and does not provide consumers with the information needed for an educated decision.


Colon Zen is labeled as a colon cleansing formula which can provide consumers with weight loss effects. The weight loss associated with a colon cleansing treatment is not a significant weight loss and is only temporary. The weight loss associated with Colon Zen or other products like it is mainly due to water weight loss and not from fat. Consumers looking to lose weight and keep it off should find a supplement with a powerful fat burner and ingredients to control the appetite.

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    j. schlewitz

    ingredients for colon zen: slippery elm bark,aloe vera,whiteoak bark,gentian root,blue vervain,golden root,psyllium husk,senna leaf,and lactobacillus acidophilus.