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ColonCure is just one of the many products available for sale on the market which claims to be able to clean your colon and your intestines. However unlike other similar products for sale for which there is a detailed official website, we could find little information available for this product. Although there does seem to be some online reference to an official website for ColonCure, at the time of writing this review we were unable to find an official website for this product.


We are unable at the time of writing this review to find ingredient information for ColonCure.

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It is extremely difficult to assess a product when there is so little reliable information available regarding the product in question. There are however a large number of testimonials on line for this product. Unfortunately the majority of these testimonials are extremely negative. They concern the fourteen day free trial period which the manufacturers of ColonCure appear to offer. It seems that many people who have subscribed to this offer have had problems stopping money being debited from their bank account for monthly shipments of ColonCure, which they have not ordered. Evidently anyone who subscribes to a free trial offer for this type of product should do so with caution and should ensure that they have carefully read the terms and conditions of the offer. Also although we could not find the official website for ColonCure some online testimonials have made reference to the fact that the website does not give ingredient details regarding this product. Of course if you are looking for a weight loss product which will help you lose weight then a product such as ColonCure which claims to be able to clean the colon, is not going to be the ideal product for you.

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  • There are online testimonials regarding this product.
  • It seems as if this product can be ordered directly online.
  • There is an offer of a fourteen day free trial of ColonCure.


  • We could not find an official website for ColonCure.
  • There are a large number of negative online testimonials regarding this product.
  • There is no list of ingredients available for this product.
  • ColonCure is certainly not the only product available on the market which claims to be able to clean your colon and intestines.


It seems as if the manufacturers of this product may need to reassess their customer services policy. The large number of negative online testimonials regarding ColonCure does not reflect well on the company and certainly it is difficult to have confidence in this product. In any event this product is designed to help clean your colon and not to help you lose weight.

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  • 1
    Doris Smith

    I would like not to get anymore ColonCure capsules they do not work and I certainly did not give you the right to debit my banking institution without my consent. I want a refund and I am sending your worthless pills back.. Doris Smith


  • 2
    mj letterman

    The company for this product is Natural Source Store. The ingredients are as follow-aloe vera,rhubarb root,cascarasagrada,licorice root,senna, ginger, peppermint leaves, acai,silicondioxide. This does seem to work as a colon cleanse because you are intructed to drink water with it and it makes you go to the bathroom. I think you could become dehydrated on this after a long use.