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Colonics is a procedure where water is flushed into the rectum to stimulate the colon, emptying out any bowels left lingering in the rectum. Supporters of this procedure claim it helps normalize the colon and purify the body of harmful toxins, along with speeding up weight loss and curing rectal issues, such as IBS or constipation. Most traditional practitioners do not recommend this procedure, but alternative practitioners approve its use for most patients.

Using alternative ways to speed up weight loss, such as using colonics, are popular but controversial methods that dieters use as a means of losing weight. This does not mean it is successful per se, but its popularity has caught the attention of physicians and the media, who have discovered that it does not have any serious side effects, provided the procedure is done in a safe environment. We will look into the benefits and issues surrounding this holistic procedure, and if colonics is appropriate as part of your weight loss journey.


A speculum is inserted into the rectum, connected to a hose which dispenses water into the colon.

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Colonics is a medical procedure conducted by a trained hydrotherapist, although it is not currently approved by any medical association. Luckily, no real issues are associated with this procedure besides minor cramping and light diarrhea after the flush.

The procedure is simple but may take a few hours. A speculum is inserted into the anus, which is connected to a hose that dispenses water into the rectum at a rapid rate and is positioned there until the bowels fully expel from the rectum. Afterward the patient is allowed to use a restroom to expel any water lingering in the colon, and light cramping may be experienced. There will be initial weight loss from the expelled feces, but if a patient eats after the procedure, the weight returns, which may not be ideal for dieters seeking permanent weight loss. Herbalists do claim this will regulate bowel movements and heal colon related issues, but no evidence has shown this will occur. As a diet alternative, it may only offer temporary weight loss.

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  • Does not contain serious side effects.
  • May provide temporary weight loss immediately after the procedure.


  • Weight loss is temporary.
  • Eating after the procedure usually returns the lost weight. Is not medically approved by any medical association, including the FDA.
  • No studies have confirmed it may help regulate the bowels or cure any diseases.


Colonics are a popular procedure because it is rumored to help dieters lose significant amounts of weight; however, science does not back up these claims. It may help cure temporary constipation related to diet, but it may not provide the type of weight loss desired by dieters.

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    I was interested in colonics because I need to go regularly which I dont. Will it flush everything out? Including years of impacted waste that might have not come out?