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Many consumers these days are looking to lose weight and begin a more natural and healthier way of life. Colon Cleansing products are just one way to cleanse the body of waste and toxins. Colon cleansing products can provide a consumer with a great way to rid the body of toxins and excess waste, but some can also rid the consumer of their hard earned money without providing results. ColonMed 700 seems to be the later of the two forms of colon cleansing treatments. When looking for information of ColonMed 700 consumers will find website after website dedicated to warning others of the scam ColonMed 700 is pulling on consumers.


An ingredients list is not available for ColonMed 700 online through the official website or any other third party website at this time.

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Consumers should be very leery of ColonMed 700. Many products claim they can provide weight loss results to consumers, but ColonMed 700 makes this promise and also comes along with a number of websites dedicated to warning consumers of the scam this product does provide. It is very clear from a simple search of ColonMed 700 that this is not a trusted company or product. There does not seem to be a single dedicated website for this product but smaller websites which carry this product and promote the use of ColonMed 700. Along with these smaller websites consumers will also find a large number of websites dedicated to consumer complaints against ColonMed 700. It is apparent fro the lack of information about the ingredients in ColonMed 700 and the numerous complaints against this product that this is a scam consumers should avoid. Colon Cleansers are designed to rid the body of toxins and excess waste, but the only thing we have found ColonMed 700 does for consumers is to rid them of their hard earned money. The most common complaint against ColonMed 700 is that it charges nearly $100 for a free sample bottle and many consumers were forced to cancel credit cards to prevent further charges from this company.

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  • There does not appear to be any advantage to consumers using ColonMed 700.


  • ColonMed 700 does not have a single dedicated website to their product.
  • There is not an ingredients list available for ColonMed 700 on the internet.
  • There are a number of consumer complaints against ColonMed 700.


ColonMed 700 is a colon cleansing treatment. Consumers should be weary of this product as there is very little information provided to consumers about the ingredients and effects of this product. ColonMed 700 claims to rid the body of excess waste and can produce weight loss of up to 25 pounds. This weight loss miracle does not provide a list of ingredients and has a number of negative consumer reviews.

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